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Memphis Advantage

The Memphis Advantage is a world-class 3-in-1 outdoor cooking center that features a circulating metal convection fan, a 200° to 600° temperature range, and a 12 lb. pellet hopper.

By utilizing 100% natural and renewable wood pellets instead of the traditional propane or charcoal, Memphis Wood Fire barbecue grills offer unparalleled flavor and cooking power with the touch of a button. All by operating on a continuum of settings; whether it is high-temperature searing or low-and-slow smoking, nothing enhances the flavor of your ingredients like 100% natural hardwoods.

Product Specs:

Cooking Surface:

427/970* sq. in. (*optional grates)

Cooking Area:

4,233 cub. in.


161 lbs


47 x 45 x 29 in.

Temperature Range (Fahrenheit):

200-600 degrees

Fuel Hopper:

12 lb. Wood Pellet* Hopper

*Pellet Consumption:

One 20 lb. bag of Memphis Wood Fire pellets lasts approximately as long as a tank of propane and costs the same.

Memphis Wood Fire Grills Cart Grills Models:

Memphis Advantage Plus

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Memphis Pro

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Memphis Elite

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