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April 13, 2018

Hot Tub Therapy for Pain Caused by Technology Use

If you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer or using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, your neck and shoulder muscles can develop tension from constantly reaching your arms, upper body, and attention toward a keyboard.

You may also find that your hunched posture and daily stress accumulates in your shoulders. This may even cause daily pain and discomfort that makes sleep and activity difficult.

In this article, we look at hot tub therapy for pain caused by technology use.

Stretching Your Neck and Shoulders

Healthy blood flow makes your muscles feel great. So, to counteract the uncomfortable effects of too much technology, you need active, flowing movement as well as stretching, rest and heat therapy.

This is where your hot tub comes in. A warm water soak is your antidote for shoulder stiffness, tension and neck pain. Learn more in this video.

How to Use a Hot Tub for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Our friends at Caldera Spas provide some great tips for integrating your hot tub into your day for better work-life balance and pain relief:

  • Plan at least one 20-minute hot tub soak each day. Soak in the morning to warm and loosen your muscles for the day, or in the evening to refresh your body and refocus after a day at work. Go for the best and soak morning and evening.
  • Create a relaxing home spa environment. When it’s time for your hot tub soak, set aside distractions, including your phone. Enjoy the quiet or some peaceful music and enjoy your time.
  • Set your spa jets to target areas that most need relief. Caldera jets are designed to target one unique muscle group at a time for focused and effective hydrotherapy. Spend time getting to know your spa and the many options for jet massage. Then, when you’re ready for your 20-minute soak, dial-in the massage you need for neck and shoulder pain relief.
  • Stretch in your hot tub for ultimate benefit. Sometimes, all you want is to sit back and relax in your spa, but it’s good to occasionally take advantage of stretching in the warm water. You can expand your range of motion and lengthen your muscles by committing to gentle movements and stretches of your neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands once a day in your hot tub. This can help prevent further tension from building up in your muscles.

Final Thoughts

Don’t feel limited by your neck and shoulder pain.

A daily soak in your hot tub helps relieve pain, reduce stress and help you find balance.

If you have a spa, recommit to your daily soak. If you don’t please contact us today to learn more about how to fit a hot tub into your life!

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