Apricot BBQ Sauce


Let your favorite Traeger flavor have its way with your favorite cut of meat.
Whether you mop it, sop it, dip it, or serve it on the side, make sure to keep it saucy.

  • Awesome on pork tenderloin, ribs, chicken and turkey
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains Gluten
  • Ideal for Asian barbecue
  • Use for added flavor when grilling
  • Brings out natural flavors
  • Recommended for beef, pork or poultry
  • Apply with a sauce brush

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Satisfy your grumbling stomach with our most popular BBQ sauce. This lip-smacking creation begins with sweet apricot puree and a tangy tomato base, thickened with dark molasses and brown sugar, and finishes with a hint of pepper. Sauce it on thick and savor.

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