Grill/Smoker Gauge with Glow in the Dark Dial


Glow in the dark dial and pointer. Wide temperature range: 100°F ~ 900°F/50℃~450℃. Large easy to read numbers. Dial size: diameter 2.2″. Extra long probe for accurate temperature. Extra long threads for easy installation. Great for adding or replacing a gauge in your grill or smoker. Premium grade stainless steel.

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1)Remove the thermometer from your grill or smoker.
2)Simply remove the wing nut located at the base of the thermometer.
3)Insert the Man Law gauge.
4)Secure the Man Law gauge by tightening the round out.
DO NOT use the thermometer over operation range. DO NOT use in oven or microwave. DO NOT submerse in water. DO NOT place in dishwasher.

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