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Since 1954, our family has kept its promise to customers. Satisfying customers is our way of life. The service and work we do here is a direct reflection of who we all are.

My dad wanted a career that would complement his farming background so he decided to gunite silos and dig basements. You can certainly see how this was unknowingly his first step to entering the swimming pool business. Dad, being raised on the family farm, was taught a solid family tradition of hard work, commitment and always help your neighbors. These traditions are still hard at work at Ultra Modern Pool & Patio.

Dad was a strong believer in servicing what we sell, which means having the parts available for a lot of pool and spa equipment. I’ll never forget sometime in the late 1960’s, Dad received a phone call at home on Sunday from a customer who was setting up a Coleco above ground pool. There was a crucial part missing. The customer really needed to install the pool that day. Dad put his mechanical background to work and made the part that very day! But sadly enough, the part later broke. I called the customer and made it right – we gave him a new pool! We go more than the extra mile at Ultra Modern Pool & Patio. We help our customers make their pool maintenance easier and their pool fun. We want our customers for life.

In 1967, we had a fire which destroyed about half the inside of our building. It Was a perfect time to introduce pool toys, games and patio furniture. This was really the beginning of our retail store. We grew with the business and eventually we were responsible for its entire operation. We purchased the retail portion in 1986.

We wanted our customers to get that “warm fuzzy fun feeling” when they entered our stores. Because this is how you want to feel in your own backyard, we created an environment that “breathes” the fact that it is an outdoor living center in all of our stores.

As frequent users of our products, we are strong believers of their benefits of family fun, relaxation and fitness. We had a pool growing up, our kids had a pool and spa while they were growing up. Pools and spas keep families having fun together and promote wellness. I’ll never forget how water therapy saved my life (and that’s how I feel). I was expecting with my last child and working on the retail floor. By the end of the day my legs and feet had severe pain to the point I was in tears. You could not have paid me a million dollars to walk a block but I would get in my pool and do my water aerobics. It would totally rejuvenate me. Water truly is the best therapy!