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Backyard Blogging.

June 23, 2017

How to Create Pool Maintenance Schedules

Your pool provides hours of backyard fun! In order to continue enjoying your pool throughout the summer and early fall, it’s important to keep up on your pool maintenance.

Proper pool maintenance is the best way to get the most out of your pool. You’ll save money and extend the life of your pool. Create an organized schedule and checklist so you don’t miss a step. Here’s how to create pool maintenance schedules:

 Weekly Pool Maintenance:

  • Check the water levels to ensure that the pump works. efficiently
  • Test the water and adjust the pH if needed.
  • Test the chlorine levels in the pool.
  • Test and adjust the alkalinity.
  • Test oxidizer and stabilizer levels and adjust if needed.
  • Inspect the pool water and check for clarity and algae growth.
  • Brush you pool, walls and floor.
  • It’s a good idea to keep the waterline clean. Off The Wall by BioGuard works great!
  • Remove any leaves or debris from the bottom of the pool and skim the surface of the water to clean.
  • Add the appropriate amount of weekly chlorine.
  • Check the filter pressure and backwash if necessary.
  • Shock the pool at least once every two weeks to eliminate contaminants and restore clarity to the water

Monthly Pool Maintenance:

  • Test the calcium hardness and adjust if needed.
  • Clean the filter using chemicals.
  • Inspect equipment such as pump and filter for proper functioning.
  • If your pool has a liner, inspect the liner for holes and tears and make any necessary repairs.
  • If you have a concrete, gunite, or fiberglass pool, inspect for cracks..
  • Check all pool equipment including ladders, handrails, diving boards, etc. to make sure nothing is loose, and it is working properly.

Annual Pool Maintenance:

Winterize and close your pool by doing the following:

  • Balance the water levels: pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness.
  • Lower the water levels to avoid freezing and blow out the lines to remove any excess water.
  • Run the filter continuously for about 24 hours.
  • Drain the pump and filter to remove any water.
  • Thoroughly clean the pool by vacuuming and removing all debris.
  • Remove skimmer baskets, ladders, and other exterior pool equipment.
  • Cover the pool.

Proper pool maintenance is essential to enjoying your pool for years to come. You’ll keep it healthy and crystal clear! If this schedule seems daunting, please contact our service department. Our trained and experienced staff performs pool maintenance for our customers on a regular basis!

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Image: Eric Rothermel

June 23, 2017

30-Minute Pool Workout

Are you ready for a workout that combines high-intensity cardio while using the buoyancy of the water to soften the impact on your muscles and joints?

Then, we’ve got a great 30-minute pool workout that it’s easy, fun and great for you. (more…)

June 16, 2017

Heavy Rain Maintenance

It is stormy in Kansas, and we often deal with some soggy situations. Pool water conditions change quickly when the rain is coming down, so it’s important to pay attention to your pool.

Check out our heavy rain maintenance tips to help ensure you are not cleaning up a big mess when the sun comes out. (more…)

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