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Lead Times

All posted lead times are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. Posted lead times do not include transit time. Due to high demand and worldwide supply shortages on many facets, lead times are changing often and drastically. All of us here at Ultra Modern Pool & Patio are trying our best to work with our suppliers and provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate lead time information. Setting the correct expectation for when you might receive your order is important not only for customer satisfaction, but also so we can help our customers plan their purchases appropriately. Despite our best efforts, sometimes lead times change after an order has been placed. We understand how frustrating it can be to wait long periods for products that were normally readily available.



Chemicals are in-stock and available for purchase in-store in limited quantities. Purchase quantities are being limited to ensure everyone has access to needed chemicals. There is a nationwide shortage of chlorine products, specifically tri-chlor. This will limit the amount of chlorine tab/sticks and some shock options. Please contact us for availability.


Outdoor Furniture

There are several supply shortages in the outdoor furniture market. The main shortages affecting all manufacturers are fabric and cushion foam. Some smaller accessory items may have a much shorter lead time than estimates posted below. Please contact us for lead times for specific products.

Berlin Gardens
Select items stocked in stores. All custom order Berlin Gardens furniture has a 18-20 week lead time. (updated 7/30/21)
Select items stocked in stores. All cushioned custom order Ebel furniture has a 20 week lead time. Select non-cushion items have a 3 week lead time. (updated 6-17-21)
Select items stocked in stores. Select items warehoused by manufacturer could ship in 2-4 weeks. Non-warehoused items have a minimum lead time of 16 weeks. (updated 7/13/21)
Select items stocked in stores. All custom order Homecrest furniture has a 20 week lead time. Sling Replacements have a 10 week lead time. (updated 6-17-21)
Ledge Lounger
Select items stocked in stores. Ledge Lounger lead times can vary from 2 weeks to 12 weeks depending on product. Please call for specific product details. (updated 6/17/21)
O.W. Lee
Select items stocked in stores. All custom order O.W. Lee furniture orders will ship out September 2022 or later (updated 9/20/21)
Outdoor Greatroom
Select items stocked in stores. Lead times vary greatly by product. Lead times ranging from 4 weeks to 8 months. Please contact us for item specific lead times. (updated 6-18-21)
Treasure Garden
Select items stocked in stores.


Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

Ultra Modern Pool & Patio already has many scheduled truckloads of hot tubs and swim spas to be delivered throughout the year. We are pre-selling hot tubs on future schedules trucks. We have estimates on when the trucks should arrive, but these estimates could change due to supply shortages.

Custom order hot tubs can take up to 1 year before arrival. It is possible to modify options on a hot tub on a future scheduled truck to meet your needs, but this cannot be guaranteed due to manufacturer limitations and the amount of notice we are required to give the manufacturer to perform these changes before production.


Service and Construction

Service Department
Our service department is 4-6 weeks out for new appointments. (updated 7-30-21)
Our service schedule depends heavily on the weather. Weather delays create a domino effect on all future jobs. We try our best to make up delays when possible. Please call for the next service schedule opening.

Inground Pools (Fox & Fox Ultimate)
Lead times on the actual pools are relatively short, however our construction department is booked out for several months with scheduled pool builds. Our construction schedule depends heavily on the weather. Weather delays create a domino effect on all future jobs. We try our best to make up delays when possible. Please call for the next construction schedule opening.

Above Ground Pools (including Doughboy, Embassy, HII and Intex)
Select above ground pools in-stock from all brands. (updated 7-30-21)
Custom order pools could have a lead time of 1 year depending on model and size. We will continue to place orders for above ground pools so we have a consistent stock of pools to sell from.



Lead times for parts will vary widely based off the individual item. We stock many parts and can readily order more of particular parts. Certain parts are in high demand and low supply and might take weeks or even months to arrive. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know if we have it, if we can get it, and how long it might take if we can.