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Helpful Topics for the Best Pool & Spa Care


Winterizing In-ground Chlorine Pools (100)
Winterizing In-ground Softswim pools (101)
Winterizing Above Ground Chlorine Pools (102)
Winterizing Above Ground Softswim Pools (103)
Winter Pool Cover Care Tips (149)
Opening Chlorine & Bromine Pools (104)
Opening Softswim Pools (105)
Opening Baquacil Pools (159)
Pool Startup & Maintenance – Up to 6,000 Gallons (106)
Pool Watercare Startup – Small Pools (107)
Pool Watercare Startup & Maintenance (108)
Pool Watercare Startup & Maintenance – Large Pools (109)
Conversion to Softswim (111)
Common Problems & Solutions for Baquacil Pools (112)
Vacation Treating a Pool (113)
Chlorine Demand (114)
Projecting Bromine Use in Spas & Indoor Pools (115)
Treating Green Algae (116)
Treating Black Algae (117)
Treating Mustard Algae (118)
Treating Pools with Banish to remove Algae (119)
Pink Slime & White Water Mold (120)
Pool Surface Growths or Damage (121)
Pool Cover Care & Warranty Information (124)
Sand Filters (130)
Changing Sand in Sand Filters (140)
Cartridge Cleaning Instructions (151)
Leak Detection in In-ground Concrete Pools (141)
Leak Detection in In-ground Vinyl Lined Pools (142)
Vinyl Liner Care and Repair (143)
Maintenance and Repair of Pool Underwater Lights (144)
Acid Washing a Concrete Pool (145)
Prescription for Flood Damaged Pools (146)
Pool Care FAQ (147)
Vinyl Liner Maintenance (148)
West Nile Virus & Its Impact on pools and spas (152)
Doughboy U-Gasket Installation – Instructions for Skimmer (153)
Use and Care of Automatic Pool Covers (154)
Manually Vacuuming a Pool (155)
How to Remove Wrinkles from a Pool Liner (158)
Floating In-ground Swimming Pool Liners (160)


Placement Tips for Installing your New Spa (500)
Pseudomonas Afruginosa in Spas (501)
Common Problems & Solutions for Baqaspa Spas (502)
Winterizing Hot Spring Spas – 1990 to Current Models (504B)
Winterizing Hot Spring Spas – Pre-1990 Models (504)
Preventing Pest Infestations in Hot Spring Spas (508)
Spa Cover Care & Prevention of Mildew (509)
Spa Decontamination (510)
Does your Spa Cover Meet Safety Standards? (513)
Cold Climate Power Failure Procedures for Spas (514)


Safe Handling & Storage of Pool & Spa Chemicals (700)
Pool Slide Safety Rules (701)
Six PLEAs for Healthy Swimming (702)


-Wichita City Code Chapter 7.72 – Swimming Pools
-Recreational Water Feature License Application – City of Wichita
-Daily Record for Swimming Pools, Spa Pools, and other water features – City of Wichita
-Fecal and Vomit Accident Report – City of Wichita
-Fee Schedule for Swimming Pools, Spa Pools, and other water features – City of Wichita

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