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Pool Cover Care & Warranty Information


We would like to thank you for purchasing your cover from Ultra Modern Pool & patio, Inc. Your business is very much appreciated. The warranty policy on pool covers is as follows:

All covers purchased from Ultra Modern Pool & patio carry the manufacturer’s warranty. Ultra Modern will handle all first season warranties (Aug. – June) through the store. The cover must be clean and dry when returned. When you purchased your cover, you received a warranty card. Please read it carefully and follow the instructions. If you did not get a warranty card, please let us know and we will furnish you with one. Please save your receipt as the manufacturer requires proof of purchase. If you feel that your warranty is not being handled promptly by the manufacturer, let us know and we will assist you.

You must report your cover defect immediately upon finding it. Please follow instructions in your warranty. Do not wait on a winter cover until fall to report a defect as some warranties are seasonal and not calendar year warranties. Also, the cover manufacturers are in their prime season in the fall and you will not get as prompt of service. Do not wait unit the next spring to report a defective solar cover, as the above applies also.

Wind Damage: Wind damage is not covered under the warranty. To prevent wind damage, be sure to put water on top of both in-ground and above ground winter covers. Wind damage will occur if no water is on the cover!

Above Ground Winter Covers:
All winter covers are warranted against seam separation and manufacturers defects for a set period of years on a pro-rated basis. THE MANUFACTURER OR RETAILER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TEARS OR PUNCTURES. Likewise, small tears or punctures will not affect the performance of the winter cover and can be patched.
Winter covers are not water tight and may allow some seepage into the pool. Over time, the cover’s weave may loosen and allow a greater amount of seepage than when new. THIS IS NOT COVERED UNDER ANY WARRANTY.

If water accumulates over four inches on the cover, remove it with a pump or siphon. It may be necessary to add fresh water to the pool to maintain proper water level. Failure to do this may damage the cover and void the warranty.
It is not acceptable to hang bottles filled with water or cement blocks to the bottom of the cover to help hold it down. This causes undue stress and tears and voids all warranties.

Put an air pillow under the cover in the middle of the pool for freeze protection. Ultra Modern recommends using our Cover Retainer Clips. The clips will help prevent wind damage to winter covers. Another option is to weigh the cover as follows:
STEP 1: Use four to eight water tubes – depending upon the size of the pool. Fill the tubes with water to three-quarters full. Do not over fill because freezing water expands and will tear the tubes.
STEP 2: For each tube do the following: Take two separate pieces of rope — four to five feet long and tie around each tube approximately one-third the length of the tube in from both edges.
STEP 3: Next lay the center of the tube on the inside edge of the pool wall with the ends hanging over on the outside of the pool wall.
STEP 4: Tie the other end of your rope to the side supports of your pool by looping the rope between your support and the wall and tying it.
STEP 5: Be sure to check the cover once a month to be sure that the water tubes are still in place and to make sure that there is still water on top of the cover. There should be one to two inches of water on top of the cover. If there is more than two inches, remove the excess water.
Above Ground Pool Deck Installations: Use water tubes and secure cover down with tie downs on each grommet and use weights.

Solar Covers:
Solar covers are warranted against seam separation and manufacturers defects for a set period of years on a pro-rated basis. THE MANUFACTURER OR RETAILER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TEARS OR PUNCTURES. Small tears and punctures will not affect the properties or performance of the solar cover and can be patched.
Do not leave a solar cover exposed to the sun when not on the pool. This will cause the cover to delaminate or melt together. If left on the grass for even a short period of time, damage to grass may also occur. The cover should be stored in a garage, shed, or basement. If stored outside, lay it on wood or concrete and cover with a protective white cover. DAMAGE FROM THIS IS NOT COVERED BY ANY WARRANTY.

Always remove the cover from the pool when super chlorinating or shocking the pool. Failure to do this may cause the bubbles to deteriorate and come off in your pool. THIS IS NOT COVERED BY ANY WARRANTY.

In the winter, the cover should be clean, dry, and stored out of the weather.

Do not leave the cover in the sun when it is not on the pool. Put it in the shade or cover it with a protective white cover. Do not shock the pool with the cover on the pool. The cover must be put on the pool with the bubbles facing down. If you do not put the cover on with the bubbles facing down, the warranty will be void.
Ultra Modern Pool & Patio will handle warranty returns the first season (April – Oct.) through the store.

Your solar blanket heats by day and insulates at night. For optimum performance, leave the blanket on the pool when not in use for swimming. The translucent blanket allows the sun’s rays to pass through the bubbles to heat the pool water during the day — while the bubbles act as an insulator, minimizing heat loss at night.
During the swimming season, the solar blanket will raise water temperature by 10 degrees F. or more. Besides warmer water, energy savings and an extended season, your blanket will result in a cleaner pool, reduced chemical usage and extensive water conservation. All of these will amount to significant savings during the life of your blanket.

Before trimming, the blanket should be left on the pool for a few days to allow wrinkles and folds to disappear. Use ordinary scissors, being careful not to puncture the pool vinyl liner. The blanket should fit snug to the pool sidewall. To avoid trimming the blanket too small, the first cut should leave the blanket slightly larger, then make the final trim a few days later.

The blanket should not overlap the sidewall, which could result in an opening for wind to get under the blanket. A properly fitted blanket will be held in place by surface adhesion, requiring no tie-downs during windy periods or heavy rain.

By using the “fanfold” technique, two people can easily remove the blanket from the pool in minutes. Simply pull three or four feet at time over one end of the pool and continuously fanfold the blanket “accordion fashion” until the entire blanket is stacked on the deck. The blanket can then easily be pulled back onto the pool in seconds.
A solar blanket reel makes it easy for one person to roll the blanket on or off the pool in seconds — plus it makes a convenient storage unit, when the blanket is not being used. Never drag the blanket across a rough deck, coping or the sharp edge of a pool.



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