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Winterizing Hot Spring Spas – Pre-1990 Models


As winter approaches, it is time to think about preparing your spa for freezing temperatures and strong winds. It is important in our climate to use the insulation blanket available through Ultra Modern Pool & Patio. This blanket, which installs inside the equipment compartment door, is a precaution against freezing and maximizes the spa’s energy efficiency. Follow the insulation directions included with the insulation blanket.

NOTE: You may have to cut the blanket to make it fit in the equipment compartment.
Remove the insulation blanket and the vent plug (if used) when the air temperature reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent overheating of electrical components.

A spa that will go unused for a long period of time should be drained to avoid accidental freezing. It is recommended that a technician winterize the spa to avoid causing damage to the spa. We have provided directions for those of you who would like to do it yourself.


STEP 1: Disconnect the spa from the power supply.
a) 115-volt models – unplug the power cord from the receptacle. Set the power cord in an elevated position so as not to allow water to enter the GFCI plug housing during draining. Store the power cord in the equipment compartment after the spa has been winterized.
b) 230-volt models – trip all the GFCI breakers in the sub-panel.

NOTE: Disconnect power to the ozonator if applicable.

STEP 2: Remove the screws from the equipment access door. Raise and secure the door.
STEP 3: Locate the main drain valve for the spa and remove the cap. Attach the inlet of a garden hose to the drain valve to avoid flooding the foundation surrounding the spa. Route the outlet hose to an appropriate draining area.
STEP 4: Open the valve and the spa will drain by gravitational flow.
STEP 5: Once the spa has completed draining, open the freeze cap to drain all internal plumbing.

NOTE: The Grandee model also has a filter compartment drain. Locate the drain valve, remove the cap, attach the inlet of a garden hose, open the drain valve and the compartment will drain.

STEP 6: Drain the heater assembly.

a) 115-volt spas – locate the heater assembly mounted horizontally on the floor of the equipment compartment. Loosen the four screws that secure the heater element to the heater housing to allow water trapped inside to escape.

NOTE: These screws should be left loose until the spa is reused.

b) 230-volt spas – remove the heater drain plug.

STEP 7: Remove the drain plug from the lower front end of the jet pump. Remove plugs on both pumps on the Grandee.
STEP 8: On pre-1989 model spas, remove the copper drywell by following the two capillary tubes from the control box. Remove the foam plug and sensor bulbs, taking care not to kink the tubes. Unscrew the hexagon nut of the drywell counterclockwise and remove.
STEP 9: Remove and clean the filter cartridge(s). Store it in a dry place. Use BioGuard® Filter Cleaner and Degreaser.
STEP 10: Sponge out any residual waste from inside the spa and the recesses of the Moto-Massage and filter compartments. Thoroughly dry the spa shell with a clean towel.

NOTE: A wet/dry vac can be used at all the plumbing openings except the heater return to remove all the water from the plumbing lines.

STEP 11: Polish and wax the spa surface with Leisure Time Fast Gloss. The following regular maintenance should be done as follows:
a) Wax the interior with Leisure Time Fast Gloss (every 6 months).
b) Protect your cover with Sunstar Vinyl Conditioning Creme (monthly).
Apply Hot Spring Spa recommended sealer to the wood skirt of spa (yearly).


To Reactivate: reinstall the filter cartridges, close the main drain and reinstall the drain caps. Follow the Start-Up and Refill Procedures to make your Hot Spring® Spa operational.

IMPORTANT: always keep spa covered when not in use, whether it is empty or full.


Bulletin #504