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Winterizing Hot Spring Spas – 1990 to Current Models


As winter approaches, it is time to think about preparing your spa for freezing temperatures and strong winds. It is important in our climate to use the insulation blanket available through Ultra Modern Pool & Patio. This blanket, which installs inside the equipment compartment door, is a precaution against freezing and maximizes the spa’s energy efficiency. Follow the insulation directions included with the insulation blanket.

NOTE: You may have to cut the blanket to make it fit in the equipment compartment.
Remove the insulation blanket and the vent plug (if used) when the air temperature reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent overheating of electrical components.

A spa that will go unused for a long period of time should be drained to avoid accidental freezing. It is recommended that a technician winterize the spa to avoid causing damage to the spa. We have provided directions for those of you who would like to do it yourself.

In very cold weather you may not want to venture outside to use your spa. In this case, you may move it to a heated area, or leave it as is until the weather warms. If you do leave the spa unused for a long period of time in severely cold weather, you should drain the spa to avoid accidental freezing due to a power or equipment failure.

Please perform the following winterizing steps completely to ensure total draining of the spa’s internal plumbing.

Disconnect the spa from the power supply by the appropriate method:
115 volt models: Disconnect the power cord from the house receptacle, coil it and place it in the equipment compartment.
230 volt models: Trip both of the GFCI breakers located in the subpanel.
Remove the screws from the equipment access door; remove the door completely (for 115 volt models only).

Locate the main drain valve and remove the drain cap. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve and route the outlet of the hose to an appropriate draining area.

Open the valve and the spa will drain by gravitational flow.

Remove the threaded cap from the secondary drain. The remaining water (about 1 gallon) will drain from the bleedline system.

Remove the filter cartridges, then clean and store the cartridges in a dry place.

IMPORTANT: The following additional instructions must be followed when draining and winterizing your spa in climates where the temperature falls below 320F (00C). A five gallon combination wet/dry shop vac (capable of blowing air as well as vacuuming) must be used to effectively remove water that is trapped inside the plumbing lines.

Attach the vacuum’s hose to the output (blower) side of the shop vac.

Remove the white filter standpipes by turning them counterclockwise.

Place the end of the vacuum hose into one of the filter openings and cover the closest filter opening with a clean rag.

Turn on the blower and allow it to blow out any water remaining in the plumbing lines (should take approximately 3 to 5 minutes).

Turn the diverter valve lever to the second position and allow that system to be purged of any remaining residual water.

If your spa is equipped with more than two jet systems, then each jet system will also need to be blown out.

Allow the blower to run for 3 to 5 minutes for each jet system in order to be sure the plumbing has been completely purged of any remaining water.

Once no more water is being blown out of the jets, the blower can be turned off and the filter standpipes reinstalled.

NOTE: the standpipes may have a silicone sealant temporarily holding them in place and it may take firm pressure to get them to initially break free. On spas equipped with two jet pumps, each jet pump system and SmartJet® system must be purged.

Attach the vacuum hose to the vacuum side of the shop vac.

NOTE: When removing the water from jet openings, you may notice suction coming from another jet. With the help of a second person, block off any suction from the other jet using a large rag. This will help pull out the water that is trapped deeper inside the main line.

Use the shop vac to pull any remaining water out of the filter compartment and Moto-Massage niche, if applicable (removal of the faceplate may be necessary).

NOTE: it will be necessary to cover the drain grate tightly with a rag when vacuuming the main drain and secondary freeze drain outlets to be sure that all water has been drawn from the internal plumbing system.

Place the shop vac hose over the main drain outlet and allow it to draw any remaining water from the spa’s internal plumbing (approximately 3 to 5 minutes).

Place the shop vac hose over the secondary “freeze” drain outlet and allow it to draw any remaining water from the spa’s bleed lines (approximately 3 to 5 minutes).

Thoroughly dry the spa shell with a clean towel.

Replace the main and secondary drain caps. Do not close the main drain valve.

Pour anti-freeze into all filter suction fittings, jet outlets, and diverter valves. Add enough anti-freeze until the liquid starts to come out of the bottom drain.

CAUTION: Use only Propylene glycol as your anti-freeze. This is non-toxic. Never use an automobile anti-freeze since it is toxic!

Close the spa cover and fasten the cover tie downs. If your area receives a lot of snow or ice, it is recommended to cover the spa cover with two pieces of plywood forming a roof top to prevent snow and ice build-up. Secure a plastic sheet or tarp over the spa cover and one over the plywood.
Replace the equipment access door, and attach with screws.

WARNING: If these instructions are not followed, damage due to freezing water in the plumbing lines may occur!

Opening Instructions:
Remove plywood and tarp or heavy duty plastic sheet and store for summer. Open the spa cover by unfastening the cover tie downs.

Remove the screws from the equipment access door. Remove the door completely. Close the main drain valve.

To Reactivate: reinstall the filter cartridges, close the main drain and reinstall the drain caps. Follow the Start-Up and Refill Procedures to make your Hot Spring® Spa operational.

IMPORTANT: always keep spa covered when not in use, whether it is empty or full.


Bulletin #504B