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Prescription for Flood Damaged Pools

Tropical storm Allison is gone, but her rainy remnants have left residents from Texas to the Florida Panhandle cleaning up the soggy mess. Although we do not have tropical storms, we do have severe storms which cause flooding. Once home interiors are restored, many will turn their attention to repairing outdoor damage including swimming pools.

BioGuard and Ultra Modern Pool & Patio recommends the following steps for getting swimming pools back in tip top shape.
– Remove all solid debris from the pool.

– On in-ground pools, examine pool edges and the ground around the pool for damage. Examine the pool structure on above-ground pools for damage. Seek help from a professional pool builder or repair service to correct any problems.

– Ensure the pump motor is adequately dry before resuming operation. Drain down any excess water from the pool.

– Use a floccing agent such as Power Floc per the label directions and vacuum to waste. Flocculants are chemical compounds that when added to water can cause suspended agents to sink. Once on the bottom of the pool, the once suspended articles can be vacuumed to waste.

– Circulate the pool for 24 hours and then test the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness (or just bring a water sample to Ultra Modern Pool and Patio for a free, personalized computer analysis.) Adjust as needed. For chlorinated pools, apply a double dosage of the chlorinating shock product used for your type of pool sanitation system. If using a biguanide system, add both sanitizer and shock, applying a double dosage of the shock product. Circulate pool for 24 hours.

– Monitor the chlorine level for 24 hours to ensure you can maintain a 1-3 ppm level. Add chlorinating shock as needed to maintain levels. For biguanide pools—monitor sanitizer level (holding 40 ppm) and shock levels (maintaining 40 ppm — 60 ppm) for 24 hours to ensure you are able to maintain proper levels. Add products as needed to raise these levels if too low.

– Clean the filter using the cleaner compatible with your sanitizer.

– After water is balanced and you are able to hold a sanitizer level, you can then resume use of the pool.

Download a printable PDF: BUL-146 – RX FOR FLOOD DAMAGED POOLS

Bulletin #146