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Conversion to Softswim


SoftSwim® is a non-chlorine maintenance program designed to keep your pool sparkling clear while at the same time making the water soft to the eyes, skin and hair. All products are liquid and need no mixing or pre-dissolving — making them very easy and convenient to use.


Look at the pool water clarity. If it is not sparkling, treat with chlorine until it sparkles. Then remove the source of chlorine or bromine. (take sticks out of the skimmer, remove floater, or disconnect chlorinator or brominator.)

Backwash the pool and clean the filter using BioGuard® Strip Kwik® and/or BioGuard® Kleen It®. Because non-chlorine maintenance programs are very dependent upon filtration, Ultra Modern recommends changing sand prior to conversion and replacing sand seasonally.

If you are using well water and have metals in your water or have a white plaster pool — you need to add SoftSwim® Stain Control. Use 1 qt. per 10,000 gallons of water to start up and then once a month add a maintenance dose. This will prevent stains caused by metals and prevent rapid product consumption due to metals from the source water.

– Add BioGuard® Chem-Out® according to label directions to neutralize chlorine or bromine. Let the water circulate for twelve hours.
– Test for chlorine or bromine. Continue Chem-Out® treatments as necessary to eliminate all chlorine or bromine. Do not proceed to the next step until a zero level is attained.
– Perform a complete water analysis and balance the water for SoftSwim®.
– Add the initial dose of SoftSwim® Algicide A (1 quart per 25,000 gallons) and circulate for two hours.
– Add SoftSwim® Clarifier C (1 gallon per 10,000 gallons water) and filter overnight.
– Add SoftSwim® Bactericide B (1/2 gallon per 10,000 gallons water) to give a 50 ppm level as indicated by the SoftSwim® 3-Way Test Strips.
– Filter continuously for 24-48 hours.
– Using the SoftSwim® 3-Way Test Strips, check the SoftSwim® Bactericide B level and pH. Adjust if necessary.
– Run your pump at least 10 hours initially. Backwash your filter every third day for two weeks. If the water is not sparkling clear — increase the pump and filtration time and use SoftSwim® Filter Air.
– Use a SoftSwim® Usage Calendar to set up your program.
– Be sure to check the incompatibility chart before adding any other chemicals.

Download a printable PDF: BUL-111 – CONVERSION TO SOFTSWIM

Bulletin #111