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Pink Slime & White Water Mold


Water mold is a whitish, mucous-like substance that looks like shredded tissue paper when floating in the water. It is not harmful to humans, but is unsightly and can clog equipment. It also depletes oxidizer levels, which can allow other undesirable conditions to occur. Water mold usually begins growing in the lines, and by the time it becomes visible, the growth is often quite heavy.


In Chlorine or Bromine Pools:
– Brush sides and bottom thoroughly.
– If you think you might have missed a few maintenance algicide applications, add an initial does of your algicide. (Algae and fungal growths usually indicate inconsistent algicide applications.)
– Shock three times the normal dose of Burn Out® Extreme or Burn Out® 35. (Normal dose is one pound of Burn Out® Extreme or one pound of Burn Out® 35 per 6,000 gallons of pool water.)
– Allow the filter to circulate overnight.
– Repeat as necessary.

When procedure is complete, chemically clean the filter with Strip Kwik.
It may be necessary to change the sand if it is channeling or not filtering correctly.


BioFilm is also known as Pink Slime and Water Mold. For best results against BioFilm, use SoftSwim Assist* Tablets.

SoftSwim Assist Dosage Rate: For pools with less than 10,000 gallons, add 1 Assist tablet in the skimmer and 1 tablets in the hair and lint basket. For pools with 10,000 gallons or more, use 2 tablets in the skimmer and 2 tablets in the hair and lint basket. (For pools with 10,000 gallons or more and multiple skimmers, divide the 2 tablets between two of the skimmers. Do not exceed the recommended number of tablets.)

Caution: Do not add SoftSwim Assist through any automatic dispensing device. Do not allow anyone to enter the pool while using this product. Be sure to use the entire contents of any opened pouch.

If it has been six weeks or more since the filter has been chemically cleaned, clean the filter using SoftSwim Filter Cleaner.

Follow ALEX recommendations for proper water balance, including pH, SoftSwim B and SoftSwim C levels.
– Clean the skimmer basket(s) of any debris. Brush visible growth from all areas of the pool, giving special attention to the steps, skimmers, ladders and light niches.
– With the pump turned off, remove and clean the basket form the hair and lint pot. Brush the inside of the hair and lint pot to dislodge any visible growth.
– With the pump still off, apply 1 or 2 Assist tablets (based on dosage above) to the hair and lint basket of the pump.
– Turn the pump on until primed. Leave pump on for 1 minute and then turn the pump off.
– With the pump still off, apply 1 or 2 Assist tablets (based on dosage above) to the skimmer basket.
– Leave the pump off at least 6 hours, but no longer than 12 hours.
– Turn the pump on and resume normal pump operation schedule. Apply SoftSwim Filter Aid and Flocculent as a filter aid. Wait at least 8 hours before allowing swimmers to enter the pool.
– Observe filter pressure and backwash as needed. Reapply SoftSwim Filter Aid and Flocculent and continue to filter until pool has been filtered for 24 hours.
– Clean the filter using SoftSwim Filter Cleaner.
– Apply one (1) gallon of SoftSwim C per 10,000 gallons pool water.
– Retest and apply SoftSwim B as needed to obtain a 30-50 ppm level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Within 5 to 7 days begin using SoftSwim Assist for regular maintenance.
Assist is not available in CA.

NOTE: SoftSwim Assist Tablets are for use in SoftSwim pools ONLY. Do not use in chlorinated or brominated systems.

If you do not have Assist Tablets:
– Brush side and bottom thoroughly and vacuum.
– Apply an initial dose of SoftSwim A. Wait 3-4 hours.
– Shock with two (2) gallons of SoftSwim C per 10,000 gallons. Pour one gallon of this dose very slowly through each skimmer with the pump running. Wait 2 to 3 hours.
– Top up SoftSwim B to 50 ppm. Circulate 24-48 hours.
– Repeat as necessary.

After completing all the above steps, chemically clean the filter with SoftSwim Filter Cleaner. Make sure to clean all equipment, including automatic cleaners with a chlorine solution. Rinse thoroughly before putting these items back into the pool. If this treatment does not work and you do not have the SoftSwim Assist Tablets, use the Open Loop procedure for cleaning out the lines. If the Open Loop Procedure does not work, use the Closed Loop Procedure.
*Contains Aseptrol® Aseptrol is a trademark of the Engelhard Corporation.


Pink slime, while often categorized as an algae, is actually a bacterial growth. It has a tendency to grow in hard-to-reach areas, such as behind the light niche, inside the skimmer, and around plastic fittings. Because of the fact that pink slime likes to hide, it is very important to brush all areas thoroughly. And don’t forget to check for growth on automatic cleaners and other items that sit in the pool as well. These items can re-infest the pool with Pink Slime quickly.

In Chlorine Pools:
– Shut off the pump.
– Brush pool thoroughly, including inside skimmer, behind light niche, and behind plastic fittings. (NOTE: remove covers from the drain and return fittings and brush behind.)
– Pre-dissolve and add two pounds of Spot Kill per 10,000 gallons. Let pool sit overnight.
– The next morning, turn on pump and brush and vacuum pool.
– Chemically clean filter with Strip Kwik.
– If you think you might have missed a few maintenance algicide applications (usually algae or bacterial growth is an indication of this) add an initial dose of your algicide.


Bulletin #120