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Vacation Treating a Pool

It is that time of year – although you have been thoroughly enjoying your pool – your family has decided to get away for a week or two. But you want to make sure your pool is ready to use when you get back – what do you do?

To minimize your chances of getting algae in your pool while you are gone, follow the steps below and you will return to a pool ready for fun! If you use Visions or Nature II on your pool – use Algae All 60 instead of Backup.

STEP 1: Bring in a sample of your pool water in to Ultra Modern Pool & Patio for testing a couple of days before you are going to leave.
STEP 2: If the water is not balanced, adjust it with the necessary chemicals. Ultra Modern Pool & Patio’s water care department can tell you what you need.
STEP 3: Use BurnOut® 3 or BurnOut 35® (according to label directions) to remove swimmer wastes and restore water sparkle.
STEP 4: Continue circulating the pool water (pump should run at least 12 hours each day).
STEP 5: If the pool uses a skimmer, make sure that there are one to two fresh Silk Sticks or Smart Silk Sticks in the skimmer basket before leaving for one week.
STEP 6: To help prevent algae from occurring while the pool is unattended, add 16 ounces of BioGuard® Back-Up® Algae Inhibitor for every 25,000 gallons of pool water for each week that the pool will be unattended. See example below:

The above dosage will ensure that there is enough Back-Up in the water. In certain instances a pool may experience some foaming, this is normal and will dissipate with time.







1 week 25,000 gals. 16 ounces
2 weeks 25,000 gals. 32 ounces
1 week 12,000 gals. 8 ounces
2 weeks 12,000 gals 16 ounces

If a pool is going to be left unattended for more than one week, it may be a good idea to have a professional pool service check on it. Ultra Modern Pool & Patio can do this for you for a nominal fee. Call the service department or fill out a service request form here.

Download a printable PDF: BUL-113 – VACATION TREATING A POOL

Bulletin #113