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Pool Slide Safety Rules

Installed and used properly, a slide will give you, your family and friends and guests many hours of enjoyment. Like any other piece of equipment, however, a slide can be misused in such a way as to cause the user injury, even serious and crippling injury. As the owner of a swimming pool slide, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone who uses your slide knows the following rules and to enforce these rules with adult supervision.

Only one person allowed on the slide at any given time.

Roughhousing or horseplay on the slide is strictly forbidden.

Do not use the slide as a diving platform. The slide is made for sliding only, not diving.
Before sliding, always be sure that the water lubrication is turned on.

Familiarize yourself with the shape of the pool bottom and the water depth before you slide. Use the correct slide configuration shown on the ladder when sliding.

Avoid sliding until all submerged obstacles, surface objects or other swimmers are clear of the slider’s pathway.

Don’t slide at or through objects such as inner tubes, as they force the slider deeper increasing the potential of a crippling injury.

Don’t drink alcoholic beverages and slide.

Don’t slide alone, use the buddy system.

This is a deep water slide and should be installed only according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Take your time in preparing to slide. Move forward slowly and get yourself positioned properly before starting your slide.

Handicapped persons should use caution and may require supervision.

Do not use the slide if any part of it becomes damaged, weakened or broken. Don’t take chances. Have the slide inspected and repaired by a competent professional, who is familiar with slides, before using it again. Inspection of the slide should be done on a regular basis. See manufacturer’s instructions.

Individuals who exhibit frailty due to age should not use the slide.

People with a history of back problems, heart conditions or fear of heights should not use the slide.
People who weigh over 250 pounds should not use the slide.

Women who are pregnant should not use the slide.

Don’t use any other sliding technique, other than the following: sitting or feet first slide.

In sitting slides, face forward on the slide holding the legs and arms straight out with the palms of your hands tilted upward.

In order for a person to minimize the possibility of injury, head first slides are prohibited. It is necessary that the user know that the chief danger of this type of slide is serious spinal injury. Injuries to the spine may result in temporary or permanent paralysis or even death. Research studies have shown that you cannot rely on the water to slow you down sufficiently to avoid injury.
As a slide owner, it is your responsibility to explain the nature of this danger to all persons who may use your slide, since they may not otherwise appreciate the dangers of performing head first slide.

Download a printable PDF: BUL-701-POOL SLIDE SAFETY RULES

Bulletin #701