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Pool Startup & Maintenance

Follow these Steps

The following is Ultra Modern Pool & Patio’s recommendation for your pool’s chemical schedule using the BioGuard® 3-Step Program. It is important that you follow the directions for a trouble-free pool. These instructions are for the pools sizes as follows:

21’x48” – 52” round pool or 9,500 gallons
24’x48” – 52” round pool or 13,000 gallons
16’x24’x48” – 52” oval pool or 9,500 gallons

When first setting up your pool and at the beginning of each season, do your initial starting dosage, circulate the water for 24 hours and then bring a water sample to Ultra Modern Pool & Patio. If you are using well water and have metals in your water, or think you might, add nothing prior to bringing in a water sample as the water could turn cloudy or green.

If using Nature 2® — pool water needs to be balanced before the Nature 2® unit installation. Bring a water sample to Ultra Modern’s water care department for specific water balance instructions. Do not use Backup® algae inhibitor – use Algae All 60®. After adding the initial starting dosages, run pump and filter 24 hours for four days. Keep chlorine levels at 1-2 ppm throughout the four days which will activate the Nature 2. After four days you can run the pump and filter for a minimum of eight hours a day — if this keeps your water clear. If not, increase the run time. Then follow the daily instructions.

NOTE: Be sure to remove your solar cover before shocking and leave it off for at least eight hours.

Super-chlorinate with two (2) packages of BurnOut 35® or BurnOut® 3 (In cold weather you should pre-dissolve either shock. Add shock to the pool water in a bucket when pre-dissolving.)
Add two (2) 1.75# bottles of Stabilizer 100® and pour slowly down the skimmer while the pump and filter are in normal operation. Don‘t backwash or turn off the pump for twenty-four (24) hours.
Add sixteen (16) ounces of Back Up® algae inhibitor or sixteen (16) ounces of Algae All 60® if using Nature 2®.

Test the pH and adjust. Test the pH a minimum of twice weekly, or daily if problems are present.
Add one (1) or two (2) of the one-half (1/2) pound Silk Stick® to the chlorinator or two (2) or three (3) Smart Silk Stick® in the skimmer approximately every five to seven days. In hot weather you may need to supplement with Super Soluble, a granular chlorine, or add another stick. For every water temperature degree over 80 degrees you will use ten percent (10%) more chlorine. Check the chlorine daily!
– Burn out waste accumulations with two (2) bags of BurnOut 35® every two weeks. BurnOut 35® may be added directly to the pool. Predissolve if adding to cold water; always follow instructions on the back of the package.
– Add five (5) ounces of Back Up® algaecide the morning following the use of BurnOut 35®. Add algaecide directly to the pool. If using Nature 2® — add five (5) ounces of Algae All 60® weekly).
– For a weekly maintenance schedule, in place of # 3 and #4 above, add 1 pound of Smart Shock® TM every week. Add 2 1/2 ounces of Back Up® the morning after the Smart Shock® was added. If using Algae All 60®, add 5 ounces every week.

Add BurnOut 35® or Smart Shock® when or after it rains. Rain water can affect the pH and the sanitizer reading— so be sure to check and adjust pH and chlorine readings immediately.
Bring a sample of your water to Ultra Modern Pool & Patio and our water care department will run a complete analysis free of charge (for our chemical customers) and give you our recommendations for correction. Do this at least twice a season, and always upon pool start-up. Ultra Modern Pool & Patio also has a short chemical film you can watch to help you with your pool maintenance.
NOTE: Keep pH between 7.4 and 7.6 and maintain total alkalinity between 125-150 ppm.

DANGER: Read product labels carefully and follow directions exactly. Read and follow all HAZARDS and CAUTIONS on all labels before using. Pool chemicals will do their work effectively. But they must be handled with caution. Remember:
– Keep all chemicals away from children.
– Never mix chemicals together.
– Always add chemicals to water. Never add water to chemicals.
– Store chemicals in a cool dry place.
– Keep containers closed when not in use. Never store oxidizers or sanitizers with tools or anything that can rust.
– Thoroughly clean empty containers.
– Wash hands thoroughly after handling
– Familiarize yourself with first aid procedures.

CHECK FILTER SYSTEM — the filter system is designed to remove debris by circulating the pool water and screening out insoluble particles. Chemicals alone do not keep the pool water clean. The importance of proper filtration cannot be overemphasized in the overall program of sound pool maintenance & sanitary water.


Round 21’ X 48” & 24’ x 48”
Oval 16’ x 24’ x 48”

– Replace filter media each year if needed and add correct amount per manufacturer’s instructions. Run filter at least long enough to turn over the water once daily. Check pump, filter and circulation system periodically. Clean filter often for optimum water clarity. Follow filter manufacturer’s guidelines regarding backwashing and maintenance.

KEEPING POOL CLEAN — Keeping the pool physically clean is as important as the regular additions of chemicals. Debris in the pool is unsightly, increases chlorine demand, and may cause staining of the pool liner. During the swimming season, thoroughly clean the pool at least once a week.
– Maintain proper water level (you can lose up to 3” of water per week through evaporation, splash outs and backwashing).
– Skim pool surface with leaf skimmer.
– Brush walls and floor with proper pool brush (vacuuming time will be decreased).
– Remove dirt ring from liner with Off The Wall® cleaner.
– Clean out skimmer basket.
– Clean out hair and lint basket.
– Check filter pressure and backwash when needed (read manufacturer’s instructions).
– Keep area clean near pool.
– Check hoses and equipment and replace when needed.
– Vacuum pool.

How to Vacuum: To vacuum, simply connect the vacuum head to the pole, connect the vacuum hose to the vacuum head. Before connecting the other end of the hose to the skimmer or vacuum fitting, the hose must be full of water. To do this, either slowly submerge hose until filled, or hold hose over return eyelet until filled. After hose is filled with water, connect hose to skimmer or vacuum fitting. Holding the pole, lower the vacuum head with the attached hose into the water and vacuum pool. It may be necessary to backwash the filter after vacuuming.


Bulletin #108