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Preventing Pest Infestations in Hot Spring Spas

Hot Spring spas seal the bottom of their spas with 60 lb. foam, providing the best infestation deterrent in the industry. Unfortunately, due to the nature of predators (ants, mice, etc.) there is no guarantee that infestation will not occur.

Hot Spring Spas does not provide any warranty stipulation covering this problem, nor will they retain any responsibility, financial or material, should this condition arise in the field. All reported cases of infestation have occurred at the installation site.

Here, however, are some facts which may prove helpful in preventing problems with infestations:


Summertime is the most prevalent time of year. Hot weather creates more activity.
Areas of construction or landscaping are more susceptible due to possible disturbance of existing colonies.

Installation sites should be inspected for activity prior to spa placement. If predator activity exists, the grounds should be properly treated by you or an exterminator. NOTE: Complete treatment requires that the source of the ants (nest) be located and treated.

If spa infestation is more severe, the best method is to remove the foam where the galleries exist, spray the void area with a professional strength pesticide (exterminator may do a more thorough job), and then re-foam the area. This method has proven to be 100% effective.

In winter time, rodents may be seeking a nice warm environment for habitation.
If you have a lot of rodents in your area, we recommend the use of moth balls in the equipment compartment as a deterrent for infestation.

In winter especially, care must be taken as mice can chew through just about anything (such as wiring or vinyl tubing) which could result in unit failure and freeze-up of the spa.
It is also recommended that every two to three months that the equipment area be checked for any unwanted visitors or their indicators.

Please note that use of a wire screen or mesh to cover the openings of the equipment compartment is not recommended as this may become clogged and will then restrict the needed air flow to the electrical components. If you feel a need to install such a screen during the winter months, it is very important that the screen be removed for the warm weather season.

Special mention should be made about the effects of pesticides on the Everwood, and foam surfaces.

Common pesticides that exterminators use will not harm the foam or affect its integrity.

A white residual may remain on the Everwood should the pesticide be sprayed directly on the wood surface. It should not harm the Everwood.

The pesticide should never come in contact with the surface. We recommend that the surface be masked off with a tarp before spraying.

We at Ultra Modern Pool & Patio only know of a few of the above occurrences. We feel the safest way to prevent any problems is to take a few precautionary measures.


Bulletin #508