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Archive for the ‘Grills’ Category

Turkey Perfect Brine Kits

We love Fire and Flavor’s Turkey Perfect Brine Kits!

They are the ultimate in moist, delicious turkey!


Celebrating Game Day with the Big Green Egg

Are you tailgating at the stadium or gathering around your TV? Either way, getting together with friends and family to eat, play, and cheer for your favorite team is a time-honored tradition we love at Ultra Modern!

Wondering about the most critical play of the day? Well, besides the actual game, it’s what you’re going to feed your friends and family! There’s no better way to cook the best food than on your very own Big Green Egg – it’s the ultimate game-day grill!

Here’s a Tailgating Cheat Sheet from our friends at Big Green Egg to help you make sure everything is just perfect! It’s the perfect time for celebrating game day with the Big Green Egg.

Get Tailgating Cheat Sheet >>

Outdoor Cooking Perfected

Introducing outdoor cooking perfected!

With the Traeger Timberline and Timberline XL, you have the best outdoor grill on the market, complete with an induction burner. This means you can cook on the burner, and it won’t get hot to your touch! (more…)

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