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Archive for the ‘Grills’ Category

Season Your Cutting Board, Not Your Steak

American YouTuber, Adam Conrad Ragusea, throws out a novel idea for all of you steak lovers out there! You’ve got to check out his video where he tells us to season your cutting board, not your steak.

Ragusea says that like a dry sponge absorbs water, your meat will absorb liquid while it cools. This is why he recommends not flavoring your steak before you cook it or while it cooks. He suggests you flavor your cutting board with any seasonings you like.

Then, you rest the steak on the board, slice it thinly, and toss it in its own juices and flavorings right on the board. Here’s how to season your cutting board, not your steak.

Video with Adam Ragusea

Yes! Mom Likes the Big Green Egg, Too

Wondering what to give your mom for Mother’s Day? Looking for a unique gift? How about a brand new grill?

Yes, that’s right! Mom likes the Big Green Egg, too! With seven sizes to choose from, there’s a size to fit her needs. From the mini to the XX Large, you can get mom the perfect size! (more…)

4 Tips for National BBQ Month

Did you know that May is National BBQ Month?

It’s the perfect time to really get in touch with your inner grill master. In this article, we put together four tips for sharpening your barbecue skills. You’ll soon have everyone wanting to eat at your backyard restaurant! (more…)

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