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Archive for the ‘Hot Tubs’ Category

Can Hot Tubs Help Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms?

Many diabetics have circulatory problems, and since hot tubs encourage increased blood flow, they may help!

The American Diabetes Association recommends daily exercise, yet rigorous exercise is often difficult.

The buoyancy of water in a hot tub can make exercise easier. It also promotes better circulation and blood flow. Hydrotherapy has long been known to help treat and provide relief from many different ailments. In fact, the ancient Romans and the ancient Egyptians held hydrotherapy in high esteem.


How to Keep Your Hot Tub from Freezing

We love using our hot tubs during the winter, and we bet you do, too. There’s nothing quite like being in a warm spa when the air around you is cold. The steam from the hot tub even adds to the ambiance!

But, you might be wondering how to keep your hot tub from freezing when it’s super cold outside. After all, you worry about your outside pipes, and you don’t want those to freeze. (more…)

Hydrotherapy 101

We all want to live healthier lives and improve our wellness. One of our favorite ways to do this is with hydrotherapy.

In this article, we look at hydrotherapy 101 because we want to share with you its properties for relieving aches, pains and other common ailments. (more…)

How to Fight the Flu and Recover Faster

According to CNN, we are on track for one of the worst flu seasons on record.

Because the flu is widespread this winter, and we bet you know someone who is really suffering. While there is no cure, there are some ways you can relieve your symptoms.

Here’s how to fight the flu and recover faster.


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