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July 19, 2019

5 Tips for Sleeping Better Every Night

For many of us, being healthy is our goal. But, if you have trouble sleeping, that healthy goal may be just out of reach.

Why? The pivotal piece to a healthy life is a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. Mix that with eating well and exercising, and you’re on your way to meeting your health goals.

None of us wants to lose sleep. We like to go to sleep and stay that way until the alarm goes off, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Here are five tips for sleeping better every night.

#1: Create a Routine

The best thing you can do is stick to a sleep routine. This means going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning. Avoid the urge to work into the wee hours of the night.

In addition, try taking a bath or a hot tub soak about an hour and a half before bedtime. Make this part of your routine to help you sleep better.

#2: Make the Perfect Environment

You probably tell your kids to get off their phones at night. The same holds true for you.

To get yourself ready for sleep, unplug about an hour before bed.

In addition, leave your bedroom for sleep. If you have a home office in your bedroom, move it to another room. Try not to go to sleep with the television on because it will inevitably wake you up.

You can also keep your house cool, add soft lighting to your bedroom and comfy bedding, as well as relaxing music.

If you do wake up in the middle of the night, avoid the urge to look at your clock. It only makes you more anxious about your lack of sleep and does nothing to help you fall back asleep.

#3: Manage Food and Drink Before Bed

It’s a good idea to limit what you eat and drink before bed. If you just ate, your body is trying to digest your food. This raises your energy level and makes it harder to go to sleep.

If you need a snack, keep it small and avoid high-fat and high-calorie foods.

Herbal teas can help you relax and in turn fall asleep. Choose from chamomile or green tea. This can help you relax.

Do always talk to your doctor about your sleep problems and before trying any natural or over the counter sleep aids.

#4: Be Careful with Your Naps

Many of us need a nap around 3 pm – it seems to be the most popular hour. It might be that you just need a little snack and some water.

But, if you do need a nap, don’t sleep for longer than 20 minutes as this has an adverse affect later in the night. Plus, when you nap longer than that, you are groggy and less alert.

#5: Manage Your Stress

Stress and anxiety are not the friends of sleep. Many of us lead busy, stressful lives, and the best thing you can do is find ways to manage it.

Some tools include meditation, exercise, stretching, soaking in the hot tub, journaling, and reading.

Do what you can before bed to attend to the things you are worried about. And, if none of this helps, please see your physician who will be able to help you with any sleep disorders or insomnia issues.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we all want to feel great, sleep well, and be healthy.  One of the best ways to do it is by getting a regular night’s sleep. Having a hot tub can help you do just that. Feel free to stop by, give us a call, or contact us for more info!

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Photo by Joe Pizzio on Unsplash

July 13, 2019

Eliminate Back Pain on Your Summer Road Trip

Are you taking a summer road trip? Excited for the fun times and great experience with your family but worried about what sitting in the same position for days is going to do to your back?

You aren’t alone. Millions of Americans suffer with back pain, but luckily there are a few things you can do to help alleviate it.

Let’s look at how to eliminate back pain on your summer road trip.

Prepare for Your Trip

The best thing you can do in the weeks before your road trip is to use your hot tub on a regular basis.

Doing this helps you control any ongoing back pain you have and  helps control your symptoms on the road.

Regular hot tub usage helps decompress your spine and improve the circulation. This essentially loosens your back and makes it more flexible so sitting for long periods isn’t so traumatic.

The warm water and its buoyancy combine with your hot tub jets also targets your lower back and shoulders, relieving pressure in those areas. You’ll find your back and shoulders are often the areas most sore during a car trip.

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Take Care During the Trip

Here are a few tips you can use during your long summer road trip to lessen your back pain:

  • Stop frequently and move around. Just like a person with an office job, you want to stop, stretch, and walk every hour or two. Once you stop, do some small back stretches. Stretch your quadriceps and your hamstrings. Then, walk around for a bit. This will help stimulate your circulation and lessen back pain.
  • Try and stretch a bit as you drive (as long as you aren’t the driver!).
  • Adjust your seat so you have back support.
  • You can also adjust your headrest. This helps support your neck and keep the pressure off your back. Tilt it back just a bit so your head can rest on it.
  • If it’s not too hot, and you have heated seats, you can use them as heat therapy. Similar to the effects of a hot tub or a heating pad, your seat warmer can also help relieve back pain. Do keep your air conditioner on if it’s summertime!
  • If you are the driver, use cruise control so you can actually move your leg around.

Take Care During Your Vacation

If there is a hot tub at your hotel or lodging, make use of it. Use it at the end of a driving day and throughout your stay.

You also want to exercise and stretch during your trip to ensure your back pain is minimal or gone.

Final Thoughts

Taking a road trip with the family is great fun during the summer months. It’s a lifetime of memories your family will remember.

In order to return home without back pain, you can use the tips here to keep it under control. If you have chronic back pain, please consult your doctor before traveling.

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July 12, 2019

Buy a Hot Tub or Take a Family Vacation?

When it comes to happiness, it’s different for every person. But, generally speaking, happiness is tied to our connection to other people such as the ones we love.

Friends, family and community top the list for major happiness factors.

We know that vacations make us happy, and if you’ve ever soaked in a hot tub, you know that makes you happy, too.

So, today, we ask the question, “Should I buy a hot tub or take a family vacation?” (more…)

July 11, 2019

One Family’s Experience with Quality Time in the Hot Tub

Owning a hot tub has so many benefits including health and wellness as well as emotional ones. Here what one Jacuzzi owner has to say about her family’s experience with quality time in the hot tub.

It’s a great way to reconnect on a regular basis without electronics! (more…)

July 5, 2019

Stretching and Yoga in the Hot Tub? Yes!

You already know that soaking in your hot tub has multiple benefits.

From muscle relief, to relaxation, to increased circulation, pain reduction, and more family time, warm water hydrotherapy just keeps on giving. This is especially true if you take advantage of your spa every day.

Today, we look at stretching and yoga in the hot tub because these are two more ways for you to leverage your hot tub benefits!

First, let’s look at some benefits: (more…)

June 21, 2019

Hot Tub Buying Myths Dispelled

Are you thinking about buying a hot tub? Or, perhaps you’re interested, but you’ve heard some things that don’t seem quite right.

In this article we are going to look at hot tub buying myths and ensure they are dispelled so you can feel comfortable pursuing your options.


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