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Archive for the ‘Hot Tubs’ Category

Nordic Hot Tubs Coming Soon

Nordic Hot Tubs are coming soon, and we couldn’t be happier! With hot tubs in such demand in the year of COVID-19, we’re doing everything we can to bring you, our customer, the spa of your dreams.

Everything about a Nordic Hot Tub is straight-forward. From air controls to top side controls to jet operation, they keep it simple and easy to use.

When it comes to the air controls and understanding jet zones,  you’ll have no problem. You’ll be able to operate the pumps or change heat settings with ease.

Check out these videos for more information and then stop by and see us! (more…)

Hot Tub Health Benefits for Weight Loss

Have you spent the last few months eating through this coronavirus pandemic? If so, you aren’t alone! But, there are things you can do to take it off. And, if you have your own hot tub, you have your very own weight loss toolkit!

Many of us struggle with a bit of extra weight and how to lose it.

Over the years you may have exhausted many methods and diets in an effort to lose weight. Some of them worked while some of them didn’t.

You may have found that the most long-lasting weight loss happens when you do something you love that is sustainable in the long run. This is where your hot tub comes into the picture. (more…)

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