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What is the 30-Day Hot Tub Challenge?

Thinking about doing the 30-day hot tub challenge? We promise you will feel so much better at the end of 30 days, so much so that we bet you’ve made a life long habit!

To help you on your journey, lets look at some of the things you can expect during your 30 days, and how you will enjoy the mental and physical benefits.

Day 1: Pure Bliss and Relaxation

Today is the day to embrace the power of every day relaxation. Leave the cares of the day at your back door and slip into your hot tub. Your mind and body now have a chance to unwind and release tension and stress. Your neck and back relax, and stress melts away. The jets and warm water hydrotherapy work on your aching muscles and joints.

A sense of calm overwhelms you, and you already look forward to tomorrow’s soak.

Day 5: You Start to Sleep Better

If you are someone who has struggled sleeping, daily hot tub soaks are the answer.

You start notice as soon as day five that your sleep patterns are better. You may have an easier time going to sleep and staying asleep. Restless nights start to fade. Warm water relaxes you and leads to a peaceful and restful slumber.

Day 10: Your Sore Muscles and Joints Feel Better

Are you an active person? Do your muscles and joints ache a lot? Does getting up in the morning hurt with every step? The good news is a hot tub can help.

Soaking in the warm water and with properly placed jets provides many therapeutic benefits. It’s a massage right in your own backyard. Soaking regularly in a hot tub can also promote muscle recovery after a heavy workout.

After 10 days of regular soaks, you are hooked. You feel more flexible, and your muscles and joints are less soar. Your body feels better than it has in years!

30 Day Hot Tub Challenge

Day 15: Stress is Gone

Stress clouds our minds, and at times, it can even make us feel sick. If you’re a busy person (like most of us!), finding bits of time in your day to relax at peace can be difficult. Stress keeps you running from one activity to another.

By now you’ve found that the 30-day Hot Tub Challenge has relieved your stress and made you feel clearer. Priorities are handled with ease, and peace is now a part of your day.

Daily soaks in your hot tub allow you to spend time alone or with loved ones, releasing the tensions and stressors of the day.

Day 20: Your Health is Better

Did you know that regular hot tub soaking can boost your overall health and wellness? Because of the hot water hydrotherapy, your daily soaks have stimulated your circulation, making you feel better.

Increased circulation can even make your immune response stronger, helping you keeping illnesses away!

Day 25: Your Skin Glows

Another benefit of a warm water soak is a healthy, radiant complexion. After 25 days, you find the warm water has opened your pores and drawn out the impurities, detoxifying your face and leaving your skin soft and glowing.

You will definitely enjoy the youthful glow.

Day 30: Your Life is Transformed

By now, you definitely feel the benefits of the last 30 days of the challenge. You are transformed in body, mind, and soul. You have found consistent hot tub soaks provide you with numerous benefits. They included better sleep, less stress, relief for sore muscles and joints, better immunity, and an overall feeling of wellness.

There are many more benefits of daily hot tub soaks including relief for arthritis pain, more family time, and much more.

Bottom line – you now know how great a 20 minute soak every day for 30 days makes you feel. Why not embark on another 30 days and see how it continues to transform your life?