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Don’t Drain Your Above Ground Pool for Winter

Do you own an above ground pool? Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t drain your above ground pool before you get ready to close for the winter? Well, it turns out you don’t want to drain your above ground pool for winter. Why?

Let’s talk about the reasons you shouldn’t drain your above ground pool before you close it.

Keep Damage Your Pool

You don’t want to drain your above ground pool because you want to keep it structurally sound.

If you drained, and it sat empty in your backyard, it would fill with dirt and debris. It would also be filled with snow and ice.

Worse yet, it’s very expensive and time-consuming to refill and then chemically balance your pool in the spring if you have to refill the whole thing!

How to Close It

You can find all the instructions for closing your above ground pool on our website.

For More Closing Information >

Use Air Pillows

Air pillows, also found at Ultra Modern, are another must-have accessory for closing your above ground pool!

Before you put your winter cover on, you want to put an air pillow in the center of your pool. Then, when the water freezes and expands, you won’t harm your pool wall, the cover, or the liner.

Your air pillow helps absorb the expansion of the water, keeping your above ground pool safe.

Use Water Bags

Water bags are a cost-effective and easy way to hold down the pool cover on your above ground pool. You can find them at any of our three stores.

Water bags can withstand the cold, and you can trust that they’ll secure your pool cover all winter!

Closing Your Above Ground Pool

These are just a few of our tips for closing an above ground pool. Be sure and check out the entire closing information for step-by-step instructions.

If you need help, please contact our expert service staff, and we’d be glad to help! Our retail team at all stores can help you with air pillows and water bags!

How to Reduce Chlorine Demand

The outdoors is “in” as more people added a swimming pool to their backyard retreat in the last few yesrs! Swimming and lounging by the pool is one of the best ways to keep cool in the Kansas heat! Yet, the heat and high bather loads can cause chlorine issues in your pool.

If your backyard retreat includes a swimming pool, learn how to reduce your chlorine demand. (more…)

Open Your Pool With Pool Juice 911

It’s time to open your pool! We recommend BioGuard Pool Juice 911!

It’s the instant water rescue savior for your cloudy, hazy, and dull pool water.

The blend of enzyme and clarifier helps save your pool from unpleasant or swampy pool water conditions. You can also use this product to rid your pool of excess contaminants and non-living waste. We always suggest it for pools with a lot of pollen in them to help get rid of it.

Pool Juice 911 will quickly rescue your pool water and restore it to a sparkling clear condition so bathers can enjoy a clean and clear pool.

Stop by any store today and pick up your bottle!

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