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Prep for High Bather Loads

Pool Party + Friends & Family + Clear Water = FUN

High bather loads are coming! Are you planning a pool party? Blow up the pool floats and start the grill because it’s time for the best party of the year!

In this article, we’re going to look at how to prep your pool for high bather loads. Here are a few tips for maximum pool enjoyment on the day of the party!

1. Brush the pool. Get rid of dirt and debris.

2. Vacuum your pool. Got an above ground pool? Check out the Dirt Demon above ground pool cleaner. It’s a master at getting your pool clean!

3. Test the pool. Check your pool once a week. It is best to get the water professionally checked before a huge party – give our professional service team a call! Our trained, expert technicians know how to affordably keep your pool and spa ready for your enjoyment!

4. Treat the pool. You may need to add some chemicals to achieve the proper levels in your water. Just ask – we can help! See specials in this newsletter for great products for crystal-clear water on the big day.

5. Shock the pool. You’ve balanced, oxidized, and sanitized, so now it’s time to shock the pool the night before the big party. This will super-clean your pool for maximum enjoyment on the Fourth!

6. Check your equipment. At some point, you want to ensure that your pump, heater (if you need it), and your filter are all working correctly. You may even need to have your heater serviced before the party if you need to use it. Do be sure and clean your filter before you have a high bather load.

Get Ready for Your Party

At Ultra Modern, we are here for you!

If you’d like help getting your pool ready for the big party, please stop by and visit with one of our many experienced staff members. We are here for you!

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