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The Dos and Don’ts of Pool Care

Well, this may be one of our hottest weekends this summer! Even though school is back in session, you don’t want to neglect your pool just because school is on! You still have plenty of time to enjoy it. Plus, you want to keep it in great shape before you close it.

In late summer and early fall, it’s still important to take care of your swimming pool. After all, it’s still hot, you still want to swim, and it’s still pretty to look at.  It’s not time to close it yet, and if you’re like us, you still want a crystal-clear sparkling pool! So, let’s look at a refresher on the dos and don’ts of pool care.

Let’s look at some of the dos:

Do Maintain Your Water Chemistry

August is not the time to slack off your pool maintenance. To keep your pool in great condition for swimmers and for ambiance, it’s vital to maintain the proper water chemistry. So, you still need to test it regularly, bring us a sample, and add chemicals as needed.

Here are the levels you need to maintain your pool.

  • Chlorine: 1-3 ppm
  • pH: 7.2-7.8
  • Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness: 200-400 ppm

If you keep your chemistry levels in the right range, you’ll be well on your way to great pool water. You also prevent the build-up of algae and bacteria that can cause you big problems.

Do Brush Your Pool Weekly

You want to regularly brush your pool and use a robotic vacuum as well. Brushing your pool walls and floor can really help clean dirt and debris off these surfaces and prevent the growth of algae!

It’s important to brush your pool at least once a week. A robotic cleaner can help you with this, but you still need to brush the walls.

Do Use a Pool Cover

If you aren’t using your pool, or you are going on vacation, consider using your pool cover.

This can help you keep dirt, debris, and contaminants out of your pool.

In the fall, use your cover to keep your water warmer for swimming.

Do Take Care of Your Pool Equipment

Sometimes, pool owners forget to take care of their pool equipment. This isn’t a good idea. Why?

Your pool pump and filter are absolutely essential for the operation of your pool. If your equipment has issues, you can end up with big problems like green, algae-filled water.

So, check your equipment regularly for wear and damage. Repair and replace it when there are issues. Not sure? We can help!

Now, let’s look at the don’ts of pool care:

Don’t Overdo the Chlorine

Some think that dumping extra chlorine into their pool will make all their issues go away.

Well, chlorine is a vital chemical (even in saltwater pools), but if you use too much or even too little, you can end up with big problems. Swimmers may find their eyes burn, and they may have skin irritation.

You want to follow the directions very carefully when adding chlorine – only add the recommended amount and test your water.

Don’t Ignore Shocking Your Pool

Along with chlorine, shocking your pool is also vital to your regular maintenance routine.

When you shock your pool, you are correcting days of high bather loads, rain, lots of UV light, and other issues. Shocking can eliminate algae and bacteria.

Do this as needed and as your pool water test recommends.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Pool Filter

Your pool filter is still working even in the fall to remove dirt, debris, and other unwanted contaminants in your pool water.

You want to make sure to keep it clean and replace it as needed. A properly functioning and clean pool filter keeps your water circulating properly and helps to keep algae out of the pool.

Final Thoughts on Pool Care

August can be an especially busy time, and you may be tired of taking care of your pool. If so, give us a call, as our expert service techs are happy to help maintain your swimming pool.

Finally, we always recommend closing late and opening early. It prevents many problems and saves you money. So, here’s to enjoying your swimming pool while the kids are in school and during the fall!