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Archive for the ‘Outdoor Living’ Category

3 Tips for Extending Your Pool Season

In Kansas, the warm weather seems to last forever. So, why is it that many pool owners only leave their pools open for a few months each season?

Did you know that you can leave your pool open longer for maximum enjoyment? Let’s look at tips for extending your pool season. (more…)

Labor Day Party Tips in Your Pool, Swim Spa, and Hot Tub

Labor Day is usually the send off to the summer swim season, but not this year! More and more people are leaving their pools open through the fall with so many kids at home.

It is still time to plan your party, though. If you’re planning a safe, socially-distanced party for the Labor Day holiday, here’s a refresher on party planning and safety tips! Let’s look at Labor Day party tips in your pool, swim spa, or hot tub.


Labor Day Party Theme Ideas

Labor Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to get ready. While it certainly isn’t going to look like last year’s Labor Day holiday, you can still make it one of your best ever!

Get creative, work social distancing plans into your party by setting chairs and tables safely apart, letting guests know masks are required inside (and out if they’d like), and take precautions with your food and drink. Think about setting out single servings so people aren’t sharing serve ware, etc.

You can still have a party, be safe, and have loads of fun!

Since this is a unique year, why not shake up your party and do something different? Make your Labor Day pool party extra special for 2020 with our Labor Day party theme ideas. (more…)

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