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Archive for the ‘Swimming Pools’ Category

How to Reduce Chlorine Demand

The outdoors is “in” as more people added a swimming pool to their backyard retreat in the last few yesrs! Swimming and lounging by the pool is one of the best ways to keep cool in the Kansas heat! Yet, the heat and high bather loads can cause chlorine issues in your pool.

If your backyard retreat includes a swimming pool, learn how to reduce your chlorine demand. (more…)

Having Pool Issues Around the Fourth, But You Aren’t Sure Why?

It seems like the Fourth of July “begins” earlier every year. With a full week before the special day, fireworks are going off all over the city. But what happens when the ash from the fireworks gets in your pool? Are you finding that your water is a little out of control around June 28-July 5? We can help!

Are you having pool issues around the Fourth, but you aren’t quite sure why? You may have water care problems for several reasons, and we look at them here. (more…)

Prep for High Bather Loads

Pool Party + Friends & Family + Clear Water = FUN

High bather loads are coming! Are you planning a pool party? Blow up the pool floats and start the grill because it’s time for the best party of the year!

In this article, we’re going to look at how to prep your pool for high bather loads. Here are a few tips for maximum pool enjoyment on the day of the party! (more…)

Fourth of July Patriotic Pool Party Game

Ready for a fun Fourth of July patriotic pool party game? Check out 13 Colonies:

Set up a little station for each colony on one side of the pool.

You can use plastic cups with the name of each colony written on each cup. To prevent them from floating away you might want to weigh them down with a stone.

On the other side of the pool (which is the Atlantic for now), place a bucket filled with 13 marbles for England. The marbles have to be brought to the colonies.

While smaller kids can carry them in their fist, older children might want to try to carry the marbles with their toes.

Who can win the most colonies? When somebody looses a marble in the pool he has to pay taxes and bring all his colonies’ marbles back to England.

Have fun and a Happy Fourth of July!

Photo by Derek Owens on Unsplash


BioGuard Zero Phos

It’s important to watch your phosphate levels, and BioGuard Zero Phos is an amazing product that is a powerful and effective high-level phosphate remover. With it, you can drop your levels to near zero in just 24 hours.

Phosphates can get into your pool from source water, consistent bad weather, and ground runoff. No matter the source, this is a vital product to get your phosphate level back under control.

BioGuard Zero Phos

  • For lowering phosphate levels
  • Highly concentrated for maximum effectiveness
  • Easy application
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