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Looking for the Ultimate Party Pool and Fitness System?

If you’re looking for the ultimate party pool and fitness system, you’ve come to the right place! The newest member of Endless Pools’ RecSport® Recreation Systems family is built for a party!

It’s great for soaking, exercising, and spending time with friends and family.

This 12’ swim spa features seating for nine and more jets than any of our current swim spa models. It’s ideal for entertaining friends and family!

The R220 also makes keeping up with your exercise routine convenient and fun. Swim against our adjustable current for an effective, low-impact resistance workout. Add an Aquabike, swim tethers, or resistance bands for even more options. This versatile swim spa is sure to become your go-to space for fitness, fun, and relaxation!

The Ultimate Party Pool Complete With Hydromassage Jets

The R220 swim spa is sure to become your go-to party spot for friends and family. Check out these great features:

  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • This 12’ swim spa seats nine.
  • It has two long benches along the sides and five molded seats in the back.
  • You’ll enjoy 31 thoughtfully placed hydromassage jets to provide maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • You can also add optional LED lighting and our Bluetooth® music system to create your dream space for entertaining, fun, and relaxation.
  • See all specs at the bottom of this post!


When the party’s over, the versatile R220 provides plenty of options for:

  • Low-impact aquatic exercise, with three airless swim jets to provide resistance and power up your workout.
  • Keep your routine fresh by adding exercise accessories like our Swim Tether, Aquatic Bike, or Resistance Bands.

Exercise is Easy with the R220

Whatever type of exercise you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with this great workout with the resistance bands. Choose from beginner and advanced!


Final Thoughts on the Ultimate Party Pool

We love this pool, and it meets so many of our customers’ needs! We’d love to talk to you more! With the R220 from Endless Pools, fun, fitness, and relaxation are always available in your own backyard!

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