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Posts Tagged ‘hot tub’

5 Tips for Changing Your Life

Did you know that using a hot tub regularly is not only a financial investment, but it’s an investment in your life?

As you shop for a hot tub and look at the price tags, you may wonder if it’s worth it. In this article, we’re going to show you that the improvement in your life is definitely worth the cost.

For millions of years, people have recognized the benefits of warm water therapy. From the Egyptians to the Romans, the Japanese and the Russians, the Swiss and more recently, the Americans – past to present – we can all agree that hot water immersion is good for you body, soul, and mind.

Ready? Let’s look at five tips for changing your life. (more…)

How to Fight the Flu and Recover Faster

We all know Covid and the flu are here, but so are RSV and the common cold.

Omicron is everywhere, the flu is rampant, and we bet you know someone who is really suffering. While there are no cures for these virulent illnesses, there are some ways you can relieve your symptoms.

Here’s how to fight wintertime illnesses and hopefully recover faster.


Tense? Try this Quick Stretching Exercise

We all experience neck and shoulder tension. Watch for simple stretches that can take just a few seconds of your time.

Watch as an expert shares some simple stretches for your neck and shoulders. Give one a try! If this feels good now, just imagine how much better it will feel when you’re immersed in warm water.

If you’re tense, try this quick stretching exercise.

How to Keep Your Hot Tub from Freezing

We love using our hot tubs during the winter, and we bet you do, too. There’s nothing quite like being in a warm spa when the air around you is cold. The steam from the hot tub even adds to the ambiance!

But, you might be wondering how to keep your hot tub from freezing when it’s super cold outside. After all, you worry about your outside pipes, and you don’t want those to freeze. (more…)

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