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February 22, 2019

10 Tips for Using your Hot Tub in Winter

Winter in Kansas comes and goes, but this year it seems to have it’s grip on us. But, that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself inside.

For many, winter hot tubbing is the best time of the years. Let’s look at these 10 tips for using your hot tub in winter to help you beat the winter blahs. (more…)

February 6, 2019

5 Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re reading this article a month before the most romantic day of the year, or you have just a few days until Valentine’s Day we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you’ll find our best seven tips for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Now, some of you may think you have to plan a big, expensive evening out, but we’ve got an even better plan for you for February 14. Create a romantic, vacation-like setting right in your own backyard. Let’s look at our favorite tips.

#1: Create a Special Invite

A few days before the date, create an invitation. You can buy a card at the store, do an online invite, or create your own handwritten invite.

However you choose, surprise your loved one with the invite, and you’ll already be one step ahead in creating a memorable evening.

#2: Create Ambiance

Now, it’s time to set the mood. Think of all the romantic setting you’ve ever seen, either in person on in movies. Then, recreate it. Here are some suggestions:

  • Set out candles around the hot tub and your outdoor area.
  • Hang lights in the trees or from your pergola.
  • Create a playlist of your favorite songs and be sure to include the song that means something to you and your partner.
  • Use your hot tub lighting to create an extra romantic mood.
  • Add some aromatherapy scents to the water.
  • Set out a bathing suit, robe, and slippers inside the house for your partner so all they have to do is slip it on.

#3: Create the Menu

What will you serve? Do you both have a favorite meal?

If you like to grill, consider whipping up your favorite recipes. Or, if you’d prefer, cook your meal inside. If you aren’t much of a cook or grill aficionado, you can always order take-out. If you go this route, set the meal out in your own dishes to make it a bit nicer.

Don’t forget dessert. Again, make it on your own or bring it in. Consider chocolate desserts accompanied by chocolate-covered strawberries. Or, if your date prefers, you can another route as well. Be sure and add a dessert that means something to both of you.

#4: Create Your Drink Menu

You have multiple choices when it comes to drinks. Several options include wine, champagne, specialty waters, and hot chocolate.

Get creative with your choices and always remember hot tub safety.

#5: Create a Cozy Area

Set out some blankets and start your outdoor fire pit if you have one.

To Conclude

Valentine’s Day is always a great time to remember that the couple relationship needs nurturing on an ongoing basis. Take time to think about the others’ needs and try and meet them.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and your partner is sure to appreciate the work you did preparing the perfect date night.

Then, after February is long gone, don’t forget to do little things like this throughout the year to nurture your relationship.

January 25, 2019

5 Tips for Changing Your Life

Did you know that using a hot tub regularly is not only a financial investment, but it’s an investment in your life?

As you shop for a hot tub and look at the price tags, you may wonder if it’s worth it. In this article, we’re going to show you that the improvement in your life is definitely worth the cost.

For millions of years, people have recognized the benefits of warm water therapy. From the Egyptians to the Romans, the Japanese and the Russions, the Swiss and more recently, the Americans – past to present – we can all agree that hot water immersion is good for you body, soul, and mind.

Ready? Let’s look at five tips for changing your life. (more…)

January 16, 2019

How to Fight the Flu and Recover Faster

The flu is widespread this winter, and we bet you know someone who is really suffering. While there is no cure, there are some ways you can relieve your symptoms.

Here’s how to fight the flu and recover faster.


January 11, 2019

Do You Need a Hot Tub? Take the Quiz

Frustrated on a daily basis? Tired of aching muscles and joints every morning? Looking for a place to relax and unwind? Want somewhere to reconnect with loved ones?

If any of these are on your list, you can do something about them. Hydrotherapy in your hot tub is usually a great answer. A hot tub can help you renew, refresh and feel better every day. (more…)

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