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6 Tips for Getting Your Hot Tub Ready for Winter

It’s hard to believe, but winter in Kansas is almost here. In fact, we’re starting to feel its cool touch even now.

Many people love using their hot tub in the winter. It’s like a cozy cocoon on a cold winter night, plus it’s the ideal place to relax and reconnect with loved ones during the winter and the holiday season.

But this begs the question, “Are you ready for winter in your hot tub?”

This article looks at some tips for winter hot tub operation. Take the steps to ensure you’re ready to go any time you want to step in for a soak.

#1: Drain the Water

It’s a good idea to do this several times per year.

Turn off your hot tub, then you can drain the water.

#2: Clean Your Spa

After all the water is drained, clean the inside and outside of your hot tub. Use a cleaner that’s made especially for hot tubs.

Check your filters and clean them. Replace if necessary.

#3: Refill Your Spa

Once your hot tub is clean and ready to go, you can refill your spa and then turn it on.

#4: Balance Your Water

Most importantly, you want to add the chemicals necessary to balance your water. Bring us a water sample, and we can tell you exactly what you need using our computerized system.

Crystal clear water is your goal, and we want to help you make sure it stays that way all winter long.

winter hot tub

#5: Use Your Freeze Protection

Some hot tubs come with a feature that detects the temperature outside your hot tub and runs the pump periodically to make sure nothing freezes inside your hot tub. Talk with us about this if you have questions.

#6: Cover Your Hot Tub

Finally, it’s important to cover your hot tub. Not only does this help keep it clean, but it keeps the water warm inside.

You definitely want a hot tub cover in the winter, or you’ll have very expensive electric bills. The hot tub cover does a great job keeping the water warm while saving you money.

Final Thoughts on Getting Your Hot Tub Ready

Have any questions about running your spa in the winter? Just let us know. Our expert service team can help!

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