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Our Commitment to American Made… Here’s Why

PPE Mask Production at OW Lee

One of our furniture brands, OW Lee has committed to making 25,000 masks for America! This follows our commitment to American made, and here’s why.

Check out this article to learn more, how to purchase, and how to donate masks.

Shifting from Furniture Production to Face Masks

To assist nationwide efforts in fighting COVID-19, OW Lee has shifted from furniture production to providing face masks and other PPE.


Their fabric masks are produced in Ontario California, and they are ideal for healthcare workers to be worn over the N95 mask to increase its longevity, or for general public use. The use pre-shrunk outdoor fabric in various colors, which is liquid repellent and anti-microbial. The inner layer consists of soft industrial-grade polypropylene and is very breathable. Their masks can withstand washing with bleach at the highest temperatures.

OW Lee is providing these mask at their cost to produce, to help the American public battle the silent enemy of COVID-19. Visit to purchase and donate these high-quality fabric face masks.

The New Green

So many times, products are marketed as “green” because:

  • They use recyclable materials
  • Are made of “all natural” products or
  • They’re manufactured in green facilities

But, do these practices really reduce our carbon footprint?

In this article we take a look at the best practices for “the new green” outdoor furniture companies and what you can look for when buying Earth-friendly furniture. (more…)