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Adjust to Daylight Saving Time in a Hot Tub

When Daylight Saving Time rolls around each March, we set our clocks forward, and we lose an hour of sleep.This can cause many of us to feel groggy and “off” the next day and even for a few days afterwards.

While millions of Americans want to do away with this tradition, for now, we are stuck with it. So, in order to deal with it, we put together some tips on surviving those first few days.

In this article, we look at how to adjust to Daylight Saving Time in a hot tub. (more…)

How Hydrotherapy Works

Why should you care about understanding water? Well…because you can’t afford not to.

How hydrotherapy works can help you understand how it can improve your life.

Combating Stress

Our lives are a tangle of stress, exacerbating stress and causing causing physical and mental health problems. But, luckily water can combat this.

We can’t tell you enough how hydrotherapy works to make our lives better, both mentally and physically.

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