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Backyard Blogging.

Turn Up the Heat: Date Night at Home

Spending time together is important for a healthy relationship. For most couples, Valentine’s Day represents your shared love and togetherness. What better way to turn up the heat than date night at home in your hot tub?

Take your romance up a notch and set up the perfect retreat in your backyard hot tub. Surprise your loved one with a relaxing soak together.

Your hot tub provides the perfect chance for you both to catch up, relax and spend time together alone.

Ditch the phones, TV and other technology and take time to enjoy each other. Here are a few tips for rekindling your romance this Valentine’s Day (and always!).

Soak at Sunset

Late night hot tub soaks are always romantic, but why not change it up a bit and soak at sunset? Jump in right before twilight and enjoy the view. After the sun sets, hop out for a romantic candlelit dinner.

Then turn the music a little louder and get back in your hot tub for that late night romantic soak.

date night

Light Up the Night

Key to your romantic evening is light. Use large candles or votives, the LED lamps in your hot tub, or string some holiday lights for added ambiance.

Your goal is to create the perfect romantic date, and what says romance better than mood lighting? Your loved in will love the thought you put into creating the perfect date night oasis.

Turn Up the Music

Bring out your loved ones favorite tunes. Perhaps this is jazz, oldies, blues, country, modern rock or classical music. Your sound system is vital to the romance of date night in your backyard retreat.

You can use the built-in hot tub stereo, stream music through your iPod or bring out your cd player.

Enjoy the Massage

The joy of hot tub soaking is that you can each get a massage at the same time with your hot tub’s jets. Take advantage of your soak to let the jets target your tense muscles and relieve your stress. Sit back and enjoy the quiet time together.

Consider adding some spa scents for an added bit of romance. Spa scents come in many flavors, and they enhance your water, too!

Your loved one will appreciate the thought you put into your romantic date night. Turning up the romance in your backyard retreat is simple and relaxing, and it can give a boost to your relationship. You both may like it so much, you’ll make it a regular affair!

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