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Buyer Beware: Why You Won’t Find Us at Hot Tub Expos

It’s exciting when you see the commercials run across your television screen or call out to you over the radio: “The hot tub expo is in town, and you can save thousands…”Is this really true? Is buying from a traveling spa expo the best way to go? In this article, we caution you to buyer beware. We’ll discuss why you won’t find us at hot tub expos so that you can make the most informed buying decision.

The most important takeaway for you is this: You won’t find us at hot tub expos because we care about you, our customers, and here’s why.

Traveling Expos Don’t Carry the Best

When you go to a hot tub and swim spa expo, you’ll often find them advertising that they carry the top national brands. This is quite often completely opposite of what’s really happening.

What you won’t find at traveling expos are the top national brands with long-term reputations and great warranties. You won’t find Hot Spring Spas or Caldera Spas.

These events are set up quickly and run by high-pressure sales staff. Just as quickly, the show is dismantled, and they move on to the next city.

You can bet you won’t ever see these folks again, which means they won’t be around to help you set up, use, maintain, troubleshoot, service, and take care of your hot tub.

How to Choose a Spa

Traveling Expos Don’t Provide Wet Tests

One option available at your local hot tub dealer is the wet test. This allows you to put on your bathing suit and try the hot tub with water in it and the jets on.

You can’t do this at traveling expos because the hot tubs are sold right off the floor.

Consider that when you’re buying a car, you get to take it for a test drive. Wouldn’t you like to do that with your new spa which is also a lifetime investment?

You want to know before the purchase how the seats feel and what the jets feel like.

Traveling Expos are High Pressure

The salespeople at spa expos are high pressure. Their one goal is to sell you a hot tub.

At your local dealer, they care about helping you find the right hot tub for your lifestyle and your budget. They care about providing you expert service and help throughout the life of your hot tub.

You also can’t look at a spa and think about it at a hot tub expo. This is a major purchase, and we think taking your time is advisable.

If you’d like, when you come to us for a hot tub, we can visit your home for a backyard consultation. We’ll make sure you have the perfect spot for your hot tub. A traveling expo can’t do this.

Traveling Expos Pricing is Misleading

You hear, “50% off, $500 off, and even $1000 off.” While this sounds great, it can be misleading. It depends on the regular price of the hot tub. Perhaps you’re not even getting a discount. It may just be “offered.”

You’ll find that expo pricing is often higher because they have to recoup their expenses. In addition, you won’t find special financing options available at your local dealer.


Traveling Expos Don’t Offer Service

This is one of the biggest problems with traveling spa expos. They don’t, and can’t, offer you long-term service including setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, chemicals, and long-term advice.

When you shop with us, your local dealer, you get:

  • References and reviews
  • Delivery and set-up options
  • Help with set-up
  • Warranty work
  • Access to us for water testing
  • The ability to call us or stop by any time for advice
  • A full-time, expert service staff
  • Spa chemicals

Final Thoughts

You won’t find us or our hot tubs at a traveling hot tub expo. We care too much about you, our customer, to sell you a hot tub in that kind of setting.

At Ultra Modern, you have access to three beautiful showrooms – west Wichita, east Wichita, and Derby. We are here to help you find the best spa for your lifestyle and your budget. And we’re here long after the sale to provide service, chemicals, and support.

If you’re interested in learning more about hot tubs in a comfortable environment, shop local. We’ve been in the Wichita area for many, many years, and we’re sure you’ll find us here for many years to come.

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