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New Research on the Benefits of Sauna Bathing

We know saunas are amazing for your health and wellness, and this week, we decided to look at new research on the benefits of sauna bathing.

Mayo Study on Health Benefits

A Mayo clinic study asked the question, “Does the combination of Finnish sauna bathing and other lifestyle factors confer additional health benefits?”

The study found that sauna bathing is linked to multiple benefits, especially for a person’s vascular system. There is a reason people in Finland have been using saunas for centuries. Not only are they used during leisure time for relaxation, but they also use them for their great health benefits.

Here are some highlights from the article:

  • They found evidence that suggests frequent sauna bathing may be as beneficial for you as physical activity. They also found saunas can offset adverse effects from unhealthy risk factors.
  • The study showed that users could reduce their blood pressure by bathing in a sauna for eight weeks and combining it with exercise.
  • Their evidence also shows that “frequent sauna bathing appears to offset the adverse impact of systemic inflammation, low socioeconomic status, and high systolic blood pressure on outcomes such as cardiovascular disease, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and mortality.”

Finally, their study found that frequent sauna bathing does indeed augment the benefits of physical activity in positive ways. They also found that for people who can’t exercise, “regular sauna bathing may be able to mitigate the risk of diseases due to other factors.”


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Improving Recovery of Neuromuscular Performance and Muscle Soreness

This study by the National Library of Medicine, found that “a post-exercise infrared sauna session improves recovery of neuromuscular performance and muscle soreness after resistance exercise training.”

It found that a single post-exercise IRS (infrared sauna session) helped participants recover their explosive strength capacity. Sauna bathing also reduced their subjective muscle soreness one day after their resistance exercise.

In addition, there were no negative effects on their sleep quality, but participants subjectively felt better in the morning.

The bottom line is that sauna bathing can help speed up the process for recreational and professional athletes who want to recover quickly. This may mean you feel like “showing up” every day to work out.

Ready to reduce muscle soreness? A sauna can help!

Final Thoughts on Regular Sauna Bathing

Most people think sauna bathing is just for recreation and fun. Yet, evidence shows it’s so much more than that, and it’s linked to multiple health benefits.

Sauna bathing can augment the benefits of regular exercise and often offset the adverse effects of other risk factors. When used together, the benefits of sauna bathing and exercise are truly amazing.

Ready to explore your sauna options? Now that you’ve seen an overview of some new research, it’s clear that sauna bathing can help improve your overall health on a daily basis. Come see us today and let’s help you pick out a new sauna that fits your needs and your budget.