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How Saunas Improve Your Sleep

Yes! Saunas improve your sleep, and we are going to tell you how.

Saunas are one of our favorite tools as they have so many health benefits. But did you know one of our favorite benefits is that regular sauna soaking can help you sleep better?

Let’s look at how saunas improve your sleep and can make every day feel better!

Heat Helps You Relax

When soaking in your sauna, you’ll find the heat, silence, and solitude help you relax and put the cares of the day behind you.

As you soak, your body temperature rises. By raising your temperature before bed, you’ll find you get to sleep easier as your body works to cool your body and normalize your body temperature. During this “cooling down” period, your body lulls you to sleep.

You are also calm and relaxed to fall asleep stress-free, so you sleep more soundly during the night.


This is Ryan our Construction Superintendent enjoying the Finnleo Hallmark 44.

Heat Relieves Aches and Pains

Many people are awakened during the night from muscle and joint pain and even headaches. Because you soaked in your sauna, you’ll find that many of these everyday aches and pains are gone or greatly limited.

You will sleep better naturally because you aren’t waking up in pain.

A Sauna Helps You Relax

If you have ever sat in a sauna before, you probably remember the feeling of total relaxation. In fact, your body may even feel like a “wet noodle.”

Take advantage of this total relaxation and go to bed soon after your sauna soak. If you’re using an infrared sauna like Kara, you benefit from the release of body heat through infrared throughout your body.

Because of this, the sauna soak helps you release muscle tension in your whole body. Your brain is triggered to go to sleep.

An infrared sauna doesn’t have any of the adverse effects, such as sleeping pills, so you can soak as often as you’d like.

Final Thoughts

Our world is a busy, hectic, and often stressful place. People all over the United States suffer from sleeping disorders, interrupted sleep, and the inability to fall asleep.

For the ones lucky enough to have a sauna, they know the secret to a good night’s rest.

So, come see us today to learn more about the amazing benefits of a Finnleo sauna. We can’t wait to help you improve your sleep!