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Backyard Blogging.

Discover the Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

This summer, take a break from the electronics and splash into healthy family fun!

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a pool, but building one in your backyard is cost prohibitive. We’ve got the solution.

An above ground pool is often equipped with many of the same features as an inground pool – sometimes even more! You’ll have the same backyard enjoyment with less maintenance, and of course, less cost.

We’re going to help you discover the benefits of an above ground pool:

Benefit #1: Cost Savings

This is a superb benefit of owning an above ground pool. You’ll end up saving money on the cost of the pool as compared to installing an inground pool. You’ll also need less chemicals and less maintenance because the pool is smaller. If you run a water heater, the cost again will be less because you have less water to heat.

Benefit #2: Installation

Installation is usually fast and easy. There’s no hole to dig in the backyard after all! Most pools can be installed in a day. PLUS, select Doughboy pools can be partially or fully buried. Visit stores for details.

Discover the Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

Benefit #3: Location Choices

Since above ground pools come in different sizes, you can easily choose a location in your backard. We love the portability of our Intex pools!

Benefit #4: You Can Take It With You

Moving? You can take the pool with you. Don’t like where you initially placed the pool? You can move it.

Tips for Above Ground Pool Safety

Benefit #5: Lots of Features

Did you know that you can have steps, a diving board and more with your above ground pool? They come in many sizes, too. Enough room for a basketball team or your intimate family group.

Benefit #6: Family Time

The swimming pool is a great time for family bonding. You’ll provide the right atmosphere for sharing, discussing the day and star-gazing. Plus, it’s a great place for your kids to bring their friends on a hot summer’s day!

Interested now that you know the benefits of an above ground pool? Give us a call or stop by one of our three locations. We have an above ground pool to meet your needs, feature and size requirements!

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