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How to Care for Your Pool Liner and Why You Should

Your swimming pool is a lifetime investment and one you want to take care of. You attend to cleaning it and water care, but do you think about your swimming pool liner?

If not, it’s time to really take a look at your pool liner. In this article, we look at how to care for your pool liner and why you should.

#1: Water Chemistry

The maintenance of proper water balance is the single most important fact to maximizing the life and appearance of your line.

Proper pH levels allow chemicals to perform their functions. Chlorine needs a certain pH level to kill bacteria and algae.  Be sure to have your water tested by our certified water care technicians monthly. Be sure to follow your home test kit guidelines when testing your pool water.  Replace testing strips or reagents annually.

#2: ph Levels

Not only do proper pH levels allow the other chemicals to do their work, but it is important to note that low and high levels can cause damage to the liner.

Under the right circumstances with pH below 7.0, the liner will grow and develop unsightly wrinkles. High pH greatly accelerates the aging process and shortens the life of the liner.

#3: Chlorine Contact

Do not let chlorine come in direct contact with the liner before it has fully dissolved. Pre-dissolve chlorine in water first or purchase quick dissolving chlorine.  Chlorine can bleach a liner and shorten the life.

#4: The Water Line

Another major contributor to shortening the life of a pool liner is dirt and grime at the water line of the liner.

The “bathtub ring” is usually caused by the accumulation of airborne contaminants combining with dirt and body and suntan oils that settle on liner and then baked into the liner by the sun.

If the scum line gets baked it, it acts on the vinyl to prematurely dry and crack it, especially in the sunny corner of the pool. This can cause the liner to come part in the corners.

23612BIO BioGuard Off the Wall Surface Cleaner

#5: Good Remedy

Use BioGuard Off the Wall Surface cleaner to clean the water line and keep the liner supple on a weekly basis.

23763BIO BioGuard Pool Complete

#6: Better Remedy

Use BioGuard Pool Complete to prevent water line build up, keep water amazingly clear and remove phosphates. This is an amazing product that works!

52224BIO BioGuard Optimizer Plus 20lb

#7: Best Remedy

Use both BioGuard Pool Complete and BioGuard Optimizer Plus for the optimum water quality and ease of maintenance. Ultra Modern has used this product since 1982!  It works!

The main ingredient in Optimizer Plus is Borate known as sodium Tetraborate.

5 Key reasons to use Optimizer Plus:

  1. It helps keep all types of algae away including green, black, mustard, pink slime, and white mold. This product helps stabilize pool water pH which means algae cannot process CO2 it needs to gro.
  2. It maintains the effectiveness of chorine and kills of algae blooms before they can bloom in your existing clear pool.  It enhances filtration by removing harmful algae and bacteria.
  3. Your water is softer, reducing skin and eye irritation.
  4. It is compatible with all types of sanitizers.  SALT CELLS benefit tremendously as a stabilized pH will create less calcium build up on salt cell.
  5. Finally, it reduces Chlorine usage saving you money and time as you will spend less time cleaning.  Some customers state it saves up to 50% or more.

Final Thoughts

At Ultra Modern, we care about your pool. If you need more advice or help with your pool, feel free to contact us at any of our three locations!

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