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Should You Buy a Swimming Pool Now?

The best answer to that depends on a few things. So, should you buy a swimming pool now? Let’s uncover why in this article.

First, the “now” is the end of September, the early part of October. Most people aren’t really thinking about swimming as they look toward pumpkin spice, chili, and all things fall.

However, fall and winter, or the off-season, is often a great time to buy a swimming pool. Whether you’re looking for an inground pool or an above ground pool, you may find this is the best time of year.

Let’s look at a few things to think about as you consider whether or not to buy today.

Demand is Usually Lower

In the spring and summer, everyone wants a pool. During this time of year, demand is often lower, so we can generally install your pool quicker.

You’ll Often Find a Sale

Yes, pool companies usually run a sale on above ground pools and sometimes even inground pools during the fall. It’s always a good idea to ask.

If You’re Ready, Buy Now

We always tell our customers that if they’re ready to buy a pool, they should buy it then.

Don’t wait until next season and get bogged down with wait lists. Don’t wait for prices to go down (in case they don’t). Set a budget and work within in to buy that pool when you are ready!

Our advice: buy a swimming pool when you’re ready. Don’t assume prices will go down next season or that some amazing deal will come along. Instead, use your budget and your desired timeline to determine when to get started on your dream pool.

We can’t predict the cost of above ground pools or inground construction because those prices rise and fall with the markets. The trend has been upward for the last several years, so if you’re ready, it’s a good idea to take the “plunge.”

You’ll find that there really is no wrong time to buy a pool. You may find a “better” time, but you can’t go wrong buying when you’re ready.

Do Your Research

When buying your pool now, make sure you research it and understand all of your many options for both above ground and inground pools. Check out our website, read our blog, contact us, or stop by. We are always here at three locations to answer your questions.

Plan for the Cost

You should buy a pool now if you have the finances ready to do so. There are many costs that go into a swimming pool, so come talk to us so you have a concrete idea. You can use our quote to decide if you can financially afford your pool.

We do offer financing options, so that may help you make your decision.

Decide When You Want Your Pool

If you want to open your pool in April and start swimming as soon as the weather warms up, you definitely want to buy your pool now.

Pick your target date, come talk to us, and we can help you plan the right install time.

Ready to Buy a Swimming Pool Now?

With more than six decades in the swimming pool business, you can count on Ultra Modern to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your family.

We love helping our customers make a lifetime of backyard memories in their above ground and inground swimming pools!

So, come see us if you want to buy a swimming pool now!

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