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Backyard Blogging.

Why You Should Order Your Safety Cover and Pool Liner Now

Order now! Why? We live in unique times. Nearly every pool and hot tub dealer across the country has seen unprecedented demand for outdoor living products.

Because everyone is spending more time at home and enjoying their backyard retreats, wait times on popular items have generally increased across the board. This is why you should order your safety cover and pool liner now!

Why You Should Order Now

If you’re thinking about replacing your pool liner, we encourage you to order now. This way you’ll have it in a more timely manner. If you wait to order it until you need it, it’s going to take longer to get it to you.

The same holds true with a safety cover. Everyone needs one for their pool, and you don’t want to wait to order it until the leaves start dropping this fall. We don’t want you to have to wait when you need the cover, so we again encourage you to orfer now!

Final Thoughts

If you, like many of our customers, has turned your backyard into your own staycation, it pays to think ahead. Look to what you need in the future and place your orders now. This way you have it when you really need it!

We can meet your needs for both liners and safety covers but encourage you to contact us today. You are well ahead of the game by placing your orders now!