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Backyard Blogging.

How to Reduce Chlorine Demand

The outdoors is “in” as more people added a swimming pool to their backyard retreat in the last few yesrs! Swimming and lounging by the pool is one of the best ways to keep cool in the Kansas heat! Yet, the heat and high bather loads can cause chlorine issues in your pool.

If your backyard retreat includes a swimming pool, learn how to reduce your chlorine demand.

The Roots of Excessive Chlorine Loss

First, let’s look at what causes chlorine loss.

Your pool’s consistent inability to maintain chlorine levels is also called “chlorine demand.”

A high level of inorganic and organic contaminants in the water most often causes this. Those contaminants force the chlorine to work extremely hard to oxidize them, leaving little chlorine to protect swimmers.

Proper chlorine levels cannot be re-established without first eliminating the contaminants. External factors such as sunlight and heat also contribute to chlorine loss.

How to Reduce Chlorine Demand

You’ll find several different products at Ultra Modern that help you reduce the amount of chlorine your pool is using while still keeping it clear, clean, and healthy.

Let’s look at a few ways you can reduce demand while enjoying your swimming pool with family and friends all summer long.

  • Bring us a water sample to determine the extent of the chlorine demand. (We are the only store in town testing for this.)
  • Apply a preventive algaecide. This is a very easy way to help your chlorine do its job. Algaecide prevents algae growth and reduces the amount of chlorine you need to control it.
  • In addition, use phosphate removal products. Algae love to eat phosphates. So, when you use phosphate removal products, you prevent algae growth and again reduce chlorine demand.
  • You also want to use water clarifiers to keep your water free of particulate matter because it makes your chlorine work too hard.
  • Use filter cleaners to keep your filter cleaners clean. This decreases chlorine use because by cleaning your filters, you remove build-up and waste. It also helps your sanitizers work better because clean filters make water circulate more efficiently.
  • Consider using a UV or Ozone generator to enhance the circulation of your pool as well as your filtration equipment.

How to Prevent Chlorine Demand

Here are a few ways to prevent excessive chlorine loss:

  • Add Pool Complete® Weekly​ to your weekly maintenance routine to reduce contaminant levels
  • Maintain an appropriate sanitizer residual of 1 – 4ppm
  • Shock/oxidize routinely or as needed depending on the bather load
  • Test water frequently and adjust as needed
  • Routinely check for circulation and filtration issues

To Conclude

You see, there are many methods you can choose to control and reduce your chlorine demand.

It’s also vital that you test your water several days a week and bring us a water sample at least once a month. We’ll run it through our FREE water testing system, Alex. We’ll tell you just what your pool needs to stay clean, clear, and healthy.

Bring us a water sample, and we can tell you if you have chlorine demand issues. We are the ONLY store in town that offers this test!

Balancing your water is key, and we recommend you stay on top of your water care.

Have questions? Please let us know. We are here to help you every day at each of our three stores. Or, contact us below:

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