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Backyard Blogging.

Why You Need an Outdoor Umbrella

At Ultra Modern, we think most backyard retreats could use an outdoor umbrella. There are so many great reasons to add one and some benefits we’d like to discuss in this article!

Let’s look at why you need an umbrella:

An Umbrella Gives You Privacy

If you are looking for a little more privacy in your backyard oasis, an umbrella may be just what you need.

Not only can it shield you from the prying eyes of neighbors, but you can often position umbrellas to block views from various directions.

pool umbrella

An Umbrella Saves Your Skin

You’ve probably heard that no suntan is a good suntan. So, just how much sun can you get and keep your skin safe from skin cancer? Not much without sun protection.

First, it’s always a good idea to wear sunscreen. Second, if you add an umbrella either on your patio or deck or even in your swimming pool, you can keep some of the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun off your skin.

An Umbrella Can Go Anywhere

With our Ledge Lounger umbrellas, you can use them anywhere in your backyard!

You can use them on your patio and your deck. You can put them over your hot tub. And, you can even put an outdoor umbrella in your swimming pool. Just imagine lounging in the pool with a little bit of shade! Now, that’s the life!

An Umbrella Cools You Down

Living in Kansas is hot, especially in July and August. Yet, many of us love to spend time outside. This is where the umbrella comes in.

When you put an outdoor umbrella in your backyard, you add shade. This in turn creates a spot for you to relax that is much cooler than simply sitting outside in the sun.

Did you know that shade can even make your area up to 10 degrees cooler?

In addition, if you have pets that stay outside, you want them to have a cooler place to relax. Bring out your umbrella and place your dog’s bed right under it with a water bowl. Your pet will appreciate the comfy, cool resting area.

outdoor umbrella

An Umbrella Protects Your Devices

With many people still working from home, many are heading outside to create a comfortable office area. But, these people don’t want to sit right out in the sun.

With an umbrella, you can add some shade to your work area. This keeps your smartphone and your laptop much cooler. They won’t run hot or overheat, and you won’t either.

An Umbrella Adds to Your Ambiance

An umbrella is a great way to finish off your backyard design. Your patio will look great when you add an umbrella because it finishes off your space.

Be sure and coordinate the color of your umbrella with your other patio furniture!

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to add an outdoor umbrella to your backyard retreat, come see us at one of our three locations today! You can also shop our patio furniture online! At Ultra Modern, we are here to help you and provide the best customer service in Wichita!