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Backyard Blogging.

Happy National Pool Opening Day

The last Saturday in April is celebrated as National Pool Opening Day, and that’s today! Pool owners across Kansas are taking their covers off and celebrating!

We love April pool openings because you have a bit of time to fix any problems you might find. That way you can enjoy your pool all summer long! Whether you do it on your own, or you call us to do it for you, we’ve got some great tips.

Here are tips for making pool opening day work for you:

  1. Test and balance your water.
  2. Take a pool chemical inventory to see what you might need.
  3. Check your pool equipment including your pool cover, heater, pumps, filters, skimmer baskets, and more.
  4. Give your pool decking a once over.
  5. Check out your pool accessories and see if you need new ones.
  6. Assess pool safety. Is your fence in good shape? How is your diving board?
  7. Share photos of your family enjoying your pool and adding the hashtag #PoolOpeningDay.

Happy National Pool Opening Day

Final Thoughts

Swimming pools are perfect any time, but they’ll make a great difference in your summertime enjoyment while we are all practicing social distancing.

Pools offer you many benefits including family memories, physical exercise, wellness, and stress relief.

Exercising in your pool is better for you than working out on land because it’s easy on your muscles and joints.

If you’re interested in adding a swimming pool to your backyard retreat, we are here to help you with an above ground or inground pool! Contact us today!

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