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Backyard Blogging.

Create the Perfect Outdoor Space for Mom

Does mom love to spend time outside? Create the perfect backyard retreat and surprise her for Mother’s Day! Let’s look at how to create the perfect outdoor space for mom.

For moms, grandmothers, sisters, friends, special mom figures, godmothers, and others, there’s nothing better than spending time outside. Whether your loved one likes to garden or simply sit outside with a good book, show her how much you care with a refreshed outdoor space just for her. Here’s how:

Build Her a Private Space

You may already have a patio or a deck, but why not create mom a small seating area in your backyard. This could be a swing in a smaller area of your garden, or it might be a chaise lounge, sofa, or simply a comfy chair and side table.

The goal here is to set aside a small space where mom can relax in peace and quite in her own backyard retreat. It should be a cozy, relaxing spot just for her in the garden. You can even create the perfect gift by adding a new book, a sweet dessert, and a pitcher of iced tea on the table. Then bring her outside and surprise her!

Patio Decorating Tips

Hang Outdoor Lighting

Lights can transform the backyard for mom. You can hang these around the deck, patio, balcony, or even in the trees. Go for the larger bulbs (not Christmas lights) for extra ambiance.

Again, you can surprise mom once it gets dark outside. This is also the perfect time to bring out a glass of wine and some appetizers to go along with the lighting surprise.

Get Mom a Hot Tub

One of our favorite ways to create the perfect relaxing spot for mom is with a hot tub. Add a spa to the backyard, and mom now has the perfect spa-like retreat.

Mom’s new hot tub is a great stress reliever, it’s help for sore muscles and joints, it provides an excellent massage, and it will help mom sleep better.

A new hot tub is the ultimate gift that not only mom, but the whole family can enjoy for many years to come.

Final Thoughts

Mom’s dream garden area and relaxation spot is just one trip away. That’s a trip to one of our three locations. We can help you pick out the perfect gift. Take a look through our huge selection of patio furniture, outdoor rooms, grills, hot tubs, and more.

At Ultra Modern, we are your one-stop shop for Mother’s Day gift shopping!