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The Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs

Did you know salt water hot tubs exist? They do, and we have them at Ultra Modern! Surprise mom this Mother’s Day with her very own new spa!

You’ll find that these spas are easier for you to maintain than hot tubs using traditional chlorine sanitization. What’s more, they’re more relaxing because you spend less time maintaining your hot tub.

In this article, we look at the benefits of salt water hot tubs.

hot tub

Benefits of the Salt Water Hot Tub

  1. Just 20 minutes of hot tub soaking a day can release muscle tension, soothe a stressed mind, and improve overall well being.
  2. The water in salt water hot tubs feels softer, smoother, and more pure than water sanitized using liquid or powdered chlorine
  3. Salt spas like ours using the FreshWater™ Salt System only need to be drained once per year. Hot tubs that use traditional chlorine need to be drained three-four times a year. This means you save hours of work each and can enjoy your hot tub more.
  4. This conserves water because you aren’t draining and refilling your spa as often.
  5. These spas use fewer chemicals because they generate only as much chlorine as is needed. So, you use fewer chemicals in your spa, making the water last longer and feel better.
  6. It’s easier to float in a salt water tub because the water is slightly more dense. This reduces the weight of gravity on your joints and muscles while relieving tension.
  7. You notice no odor because there is no “chlorine smell” in salt water hot tubs.
  8. Because you use less chemicals, salt water spas are less likely to irritate your skin and eyes.

The FreshWater Salt System

Salt water systems for hot tubs have been around for several  years and done a great job of using fewer chemicals and providing clear, clean water.

The new FreshWater™ Salt System, available on select Caldera Spas and Hot Spring Spas, improves on the early successes of these spas. In addition to all of the benefits other salt water systems provide, the thoughtfully engineered FreshWater™ Salt System streamlines water care, making hot tubs simpler to maintain and more rewarding to own and use on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in learning more about these soothing spas, contact us today!

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