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6 Things to Think About for Your Memorial Day Pool

Is your Memorial Day pool ready?

Memorial Day is one of our favorite holidays because it’s dedicated to the memory of the fine men and women who dedicated themselves to serving our country.

We have a deep gratitude for all those who have served and continue to serve.

Memorial Day weekend is also traditionally the kickoff to summer. Pools are opened, parties are planned, barbecues work overtime, and friends and family gather all over the country.

You want to make sure your pool is up and running with no problems.

Here are five things to think about for your Memorial Day pool.

#1: Test Your Pool Water

You have to start somewhere, and the best place is knowing where your pool stands. Bring us a water sample, and we’ll test it for FREE! Then, we’ll give you a printout that shows you just what your pool needs.

#2: Attend to Your Water Balance

Before your guests arrive with swimming suits and towels in hand, you want to adjust your water balance by testing your pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

All should be adjusted to the following levels:

  • pH: 7.2 – 7.6
  • Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm
  • Calcium: 200-400 ppm
  • Stabilizer: 30-50 ppm.

To help you with this, we suggest testing your water regularly. You can always bring us a water sample for your FREE computerized water analysis!

Don’t forget that when your water is balanced, your swimmers are more comfortable, and you experience fewer problems with your pool.

#3: Circulate Your Pool

While your pool is probably already circulating with your pump and filter, you can improve your water circulation by running your pump a bit longer than needed.

#4: Clean Your Pool

No one wants to swim in a dirty pool. After all, germs and bacteria make friends and family sick.

Again, you want to test your water and check your chlorine levels.

Consider shocking your pool before and certainly after high bather loads.

#5: Take Care of Your Filtration

You can also optimize your pool filtration by running your pump longer each day.

It’s also a good idea to use pool clarifiers to help your filter trap dirt and debris easily. Pool filter cleaners also remove oil, scale, and other items that clog filters.

Optimize your pool filtration at the start of the season and you will be rewarded all season long. The easy way to improve filtration is simply to run the pump longer each day, but there are other things you can do as well.

All filters need to be checked and maintained on a regular basis.

#6: Throw in a Healthy Dose Fun

Memorial Day pool parties are all about the fun factor.

Decorate your backyard and pool, throw in some fun pool inflatables, and make sure to fly your American flag to show your support of our armed services!

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget safety first. Designate a Water Watcher to look over the pool. This could be several adults taking turns watching the water.

When you have a “lifeguard” on duty, you ensure that everyone is safe in the pool. This person should not be talking to guests or surfing the internet on a mobile device. Your water watcher should be dedicated to watching the water.

And remember, if you have trouble with your water either before or after the party, be sure to bring us a sample. We are here to solve all your pool problems.

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