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Save Money with Balanced Water

If your pool is not correctly balanced, maintenance can become needlessly complicated and expensive. Here’s how you can save money with balanced water.

Let’s Help You Save Money

Pool water is “balanced” when it has the proper pH and mineral content (total alkalinity and calcium hardness) to prevent corrosion and scaling. It maximizes the effectiveness of pool chemicals, especially the bacteria-killing power of chlorine and other sanitizers.

If your pool is not correctly balanced, you can have expensive problems.

Balanced pool water with the proper pH saves you money in the long run. Proper water balance prevents:

  • Etching and corrosion of plaster surfaces and metal components (especially, heat exchangers)
  • Formation of scale deposits that may damage equipment and the pools piping, stain surfaces and cloud the water
  • Eye and skin irritation
  • Wrinkling of vinyl liners causing early replacement
  • Clogged filters

Keep Your Chemicals Working

You ensure you get the most of your sanitizing chemicals when you maintain the pH balance. For example, your water is more acidic when there is a low pH, therefore you eat up your sanitizer.

Protect Your Equipment

We just mentioned one problem caused by low pH, and we know that low pH causes acidic water. When this happens, your swimming pool water wants to be balanced. It’ll start corroding and deteriorating your pool and equipment as it starts to eat away at the PVC, vinyl, concrete and more!

What happens when the pH is high? This causes scaling.

Your water tries to get rid of the things making it alkaline, and it leaves a film around your pool parts. When you have scale, the pool is unhealthy!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to balancing your water, your first step is water testing. Bring us a sample of your pool water in a clean container.

We’ll analyze it and give you a computerized printout of the results so you can see the state of your water and what chemicals you need. Do this once a month for the best results!

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