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Backyard Blogging.

Memorial Day Party Games and Activities

There’s only one thing on the agenda for Memorial Day, and it’s a short, three-letter word: FUN! We know all about FUN at Ultra Modern. After all, the word FUN is in our logo!

Whether you’re having a party in your backyard or going to one, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Take a look at these Memorial Day party games and activities.

Play Pool Pick-Up Sticks

This is a super fun game if your party runs into the evening!

Purchase some inexpensive glow sticks. You can find them online or at Target or Walmart.

Snap them so they glow and toss a bunch of them in the pool. Whoever grabs the most is the winner.

Play Pool Tip Over

This is a crowd favorite with the kids, especially if the most fun adult is the one on the pool mattress in the middle of the pool!

See how long it takes to turn the pool mattress over.

Play Pool Pile On

Kids love this game. Put two air mattresses in the pool. Divide the kids into teams. Give them a ready, set, go, and see how many of each team’s kids can pile on the mattress without falling off. There’s your winner.

Host an Eating Contest

This is super fun for people of all ages. Consider a kid’s contest and an adult’s contest to give everyone a fighting chance. You might challenge them to hot dogs, watermelon, dessert, or something playful for the kids.

Get out your cameras and get ready for the best social media photos of the day.

Play Jump the Noodle

Have an adult tread water in the deep end while holding a pool noodle a specific distance away from the diving board or the wall.

The kids can then jump in the pool over the noodle. Keep moving the noodle farther away. Whoever jumps farthest – is the last person standing – is your winner.

Play Watermelon Ball

Grab a watermelon and rub it with Vaseline. Then, throw it in the pool. Whoever gets it out first wins.

This is a hilarious game to watch and should provide great material for your Instagram page. The watermelon is quite slippery, so this is good fun.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – some of our favorite pool party games.

If you need pool accessories, toys, or floats, stop by one of our three locations. We’d be glad to help!