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Have It All With an Endless Pool

We bet you’ve heard the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

That suggests that you can’t have everything you want. While that certainly is true for some things in life, it’s not true when it comes to swim spas and Endless Pools.

With an Endless Pool from Ultra Modern Pool and Patio, you get numerous benefits wrapped up in one neat package:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Aquatic Fitness Center
  • A place for family fun

Not only can you swim in an Endless Pool, but you can jog, exercise, relax, and play in it.

Smaller than a traditional in-ground pool, swim spas take up less space. They don’t take as much time to maintain, and they use less energy and heat to operate.

Affordably priced, let’s look at how you can have it all with an Endless Pool.

Great Swimming Experience

The swimming experience in an Endless Pool provides:

  • A wide, deep swimming channel is free of obstructions like steps or benches
  • Smooth, turbulent free water when swimming
  • No backsplash
  • Swim lane marker to guide swimmers and keep them centered in the swim lane
  • Models designed for the everyday athlete as well as the serious swimmer
  • Customizable Swim Current (selected models)

Have It All With an Endless Pool

More Low-Impact Exercise Options

  • Underwater treadmill for low-impact running and walking
  • Full-body workouts with rowing bars and resistance bands

Post Workout Hydrotherapy On Demand

  • Four hydrotherapy jet types combined in three different configurations deliver a post-workout relaxation experience.

Energy Efficient & Earth Friendly

  • Engineered for maximum performance and energy efficiency
  • Endless Pool’s Expanded Polystyrene foam insulation
  • A highly reflective film barrier and efficient water filtration systems
  • Meets or exceeds energy efficiency standards defined by the California Energy Commission

Low Maintenance

  • Water Management Purification System that features Ultraviolet C (UVC) and eco-friendly CD Ozone to neutralize contaminants.

A Swim Spa Built To Last, Backed by the Manufacturer

  • Ten-Year Worry-Free Structural Warranty (10 years on the shell structure and 7 years on the shell surface)
  • 5-year warranty on plumbing, heater, and cabinetry

Great Looking Design

  • Enjoy BMW Design Works inspired features and LED lighting

Customization Options

Lots of customization options are available including:

  • Bluetooth Enabled Sound System
  • Underwater Mirrors to monitor your form while swimming
  • Pace Displays for easy ready of the swim current pace and /or treadmill speed during exercise

You can swim, run, exercise, and relax all in one place and right at home in an Endless Pools Fitness System, now available at Ultra Modern.


If you’re ready to have it all with an Endless Pool, stop by one of our three locations or contact us today!

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