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Trouble Shooting Your Hot Tub

While you can always call our service department, there are some things you can do at home when it come to trouble shooting your hot tub.

Oftentimes, you can do simple repairs yourself and save the bigger ones to our expert service staff. Check out this list of common hot tub problems and their solutions.

The Jets Don’t Work

If your hot tub is running, but there’s nothing bubbling out of your jets, that doesn’t make for a great hot tub soak.

If your jets are adjustable, perhaps they accidentally got closed. First, try twisting the jet to see if that allows the water to flow through.

However, if you recently did a drain and refill, you might have an airlock. To release it, loosen the fitting on the pump. This lets the air escape.

Do let the water flow for about 10 seconds before re-tightening the fitting.

Hot Tub Won’t Heat

It’s quite possible that your heating problem is simple, and you just need to replace the heater element.

Other times, the problem can be your pump. You want to test your pump components with a multi-meter if you know how to use it. If not, it’s best to call us to diagnose the problem.

I See an Error Code

In our digital age, many hot tubs have electronic controls with keypads and digital screens.

If you have a problem, you’ll see an error code. Check your manual and then proceed accordingly.

My Pump is Really Loud

This isn’t a good sign as it might mean the bearings in your motor are going out due to age.

You’ll want to give us a call if this happens because we can help you determine whether it’s more cost effective to fix the pump or get a brand new one.

Check Out This Table of Tips

The Problem The Likely Cause(s) Troubleshooting Solutions Do you need to call a professional technician?
The spa is inoperative
  • Power failure
  • GFCI has tripped
  • Heater’s high-limit thermostat has tripped
  • Spa lock is activated
  • Check for problems with your power source
  • Reset the GFCI
  • Disconnect the power for 30 seconds to reset the thermostat; then check for clogged filters
  • Deactivate the spa lock
  • Contact an electrician if your power source is inoperative
  • Call for spa service if the GFCI won’t reset
  • Call for spa service if the high-limit thermostat has tripped
Spa won’t heat, even while the jets and lights operate (green logo “Ready” and blue logo “Power” indicators are blinking)
  • Integrated pressure switch is open
  • Circulation pump thermal cut-off has tripped
  • Air lock was created after filling the spa
  • Check for clogged filters; the switch should reset once the water is again flowing through the heater
  • Check for clogged filters and air locks in the plumbing, and disconnect power to the spa so the pump can cool; the pump should reset once it has cooled and the power is reconnected
  • Place the water hose down the main filter in the filter compartment, and fill the spa completely to push the air lock out
  • Call for spa service if the heater trips frequently
  • Call for spa service if the circulation pump trips frequently
Jet operation is weak or surging
  • Spa water level is too low
  • Filters are clogged
  • Comfort Control® lever is closed
  • Add water to the spa
  • Clean the filters
  • Open the Comfort Control® lever
  • Reach out to your dealer if you have further questions about optimal jet performance and maintenance
Light is inoperative
  • Spa lock is activated
  • Light wiring or assembly is faulty
  • Deactivate the spa lock
  • Replace the light assembly
  • Call for spa service if you are unsure of how to replace your light assembly
Moto-Massage® DX jet is inoperative or erratic
  • Comfort Control® valves are closed
  • Filters are clogged
  • Open the Comfort Control® levers
  • Clean the filters
  • Contact your dealer for more questions about jet maintenance
Blue logo “Power” indicator is blinking
  • The heater’s high-limit thermostat has tripped
  • Disconnect the power for 30 seconds to reset the heater’s high limit; check for clogged filters
  • Call for spa service if the thermostat continues to trip
Green logo “Ready” indicator is blinking
  • A problem with the temperature sensor
  • Disconnect the power for 30 seconds
  • Call for spa service if the indicator continues blinking
Control touchscreen is on but inoperable
  • Remote control is too far away from the spa
  • Communication between the control system and the remote is interrupted
  • Move the remote closer to the spa
  • Press the Jets button on the dock unit; if it’s necessary to reset the panel, press and hold the touchscreen in any blank area until it turns black
  • Contact your dealer to learn more about the possibilities of customizing your hot tub soak through the intuitive control panel
Control touchscreen is off and black
  • Power to the spa is off
  • Battery needs to be recharged
  • Battery is in Shut-Down mode
  • Battery is not recharging
  • Turn the power on
  • Put the remote control back in the docking tray to recharge
  • Press the touchscreen and wait 40 seconds
  • Call an electrician if your power to the spa will not turn on
  • Call for spa service if your battery is not recharging
Remote responds intermittently within the 30-foot range
  • An outside source is interfering with the signal
  • Change the channel on the remote by pressing the Lights button on the dock unit until the buttons flash and you see a change channel screen on the remote; press UP or DOWN to adjust the channel, and OK to set it
  • Reach out to your dealer with further questions about operating your control panel and remote
Touchscreen continues to read “Searching for spa” on a black screen
  • Remote is not paired with the control panel
  • Press the Jets button on the dock unit until the buttons flash; press and hold on the screen until Pairing Yes/No displays; press Yes to pair
  • Contact your dealer for technical support if problems with your control panel or remote continue

To Conclude

These are just a few of the most common hot tub problems and some tips for troubleshooting. As always, if you have a question or would like service, contact us and let our expert service techs help!

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